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  1. dagwoman

    How do you challenge your prejudices?

    I know most people don't like to think of themselves as racist/sexist/homophobic, but the truth is, everyone has some forms of prejudices, sometimes it's more explicit that others (and some people more than others, obviously). What I want to know is, how do you challenge your own bigotry when...
  2. dagwoman

    ENGL1025- what the?

    What do people think of this subject so far? The things the lecturer discusses don't seem entirely (or at all) relevant to the course. For those who have a better grasp of where this subject is heading, could you possibly explain it briefly? At the moment, it seems very wishy washy. I'm very...
  3. dagwoman

    Dear god, put your phones on silent.

    Seriously. It's fucking rude and disruptive having people's dumbass ringtones go off during lectures and tutes. Every lecture and tute Ive gone to this week, at least twice someone's phone has gone off. You don't have to turn off your phone completely- just put it on silent. Have some respect...
  4. dagwoman

    Writing for University

    For those who have been at uni for at least a year, how did you learn to change your writing structure and style for uni papers after adhering to the rigid regulations of HSC writing? Do they expect us to know how to write uni-style? Do they teach us? Thanks!
  5. dagwoman

    Thank You!

    I enrolled today (my course is B Arts/B Social Work), and while yes, the lines were long and the pile of forms to fill out was daunting (I have to get a criminal background check and make sure all my vaccinations are up to date!), the helpers and staff were all wonderful. Everyone was really...
  6. dagwoman

    How Do You Feel?

    I think people have probably had a whole range of emotions in reaction to their marks. I know I was certainly surprised by my initial emotions. At first I felt shocked, then distraught, then disappointed. Then I had a nap, got my hair cut, put things into perspective, and realised I've got...
  7. dagwoman

    Stationery Love Thread

    Next year I'm doing a BA. What stationery will I need? How do you guys organise folders etc? What do you recommend? Thanks heaps!
  8. dagwoman

    How Hard/Effectively Did You Study?

    I wanted to make a poll, but couldn't figure out how, so I was just wondering if you could give a number from 1-10, 1 being not well at all, and 10 being studying to the extreme, no sleep, crapping in a bag by your desk-style studying, to describe how you think your HSC study went. :)
  9. dagwoman

    Expectations vs. Reality

    I've found the experience of the actual hSC exams to be very different to how I expected them. I imagined a lot more tears and stress, but the reality of it is that my exams have been so spread out that it's been really manageable, with lots of time available for procrastination (as you can...
  10. dagwoman

    How do you feel?

    For those of you lucky enough to have finished your exams, how do you feel?
  11. dagwoman


    Where do I get it from? Do I have to be a premium member? How does it differ from Standard SAM? Thanks heaps :)
  12. dagwoman

    We're All a Bunch of Whiners!

    As the HSC has begun I've noticed a huge number of posts mentioning the "corruption" and "stupidity" etc. of the BoardOS and the HSC system, and I was just wondering what people think an alternative is? They do IQ style exams (as a few people have suggested we do these here) in the US, and...
  13. dagwoman

    Quality over Quantity

    Does anyone else feel a little disconcerted/ indignant about the amount of pages people have said they've written? I mean, if people have to use 17 pages to get their point across, that to me is waffling. Did anyone write a concise amount but still feel they did well?
  14. dagwoman

    Political Views N/A?

    So often when browsing profiles on here, the answer to "political views" is "N/A". WTF? How is that "not applicable"?!?! Everyone should have a political view, and if they don't, they should go read some bloody newspaper! Thoughts?
  15. dagwoman

    Site-Specific, Street and Event Theatre

    Anyone doing this module?
  16. dagwoman

    Rewind 10 Months

    If you could go back in time to your shiny, innocent, beginning-of-year 12 self, 1. What is ONE thing you wish you knew about school? Be it about work, graduation, somethign outside school etc. 2. What is ONE thing you wish you had/hadn't done or had done differently?
  17. dagwoman

    Advice for Future Students

    There's a bit of stuff on the USyd website but it's relatively brief and I doubt it's written by actual students. I'm going to Sydney next year, and I was wondering if you guys have any advice to give us (soon-to-be) newbies. Stuff about lectures, getting around campus, general tips etc. I'd...
  18. dagwoman

    Mathematics Scaling

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone knew what a raw HSC exam mark of 70% (84/120) would scale to. Cheers!
  19. dagwoman

    New Prediction

    Okay, these are my TRIAL, not overall ranks. I go to a school that was 10th last year. Biology: 3rd/25 Chem: 8th/30ish? Drama: 2nd/16 English: 9th/77 Maths: 22nd/56 (but this is including yr 11 accelerants and ext. students; without them I'm first) Thank you!
  20. dagwoman

    Plugging in Trial Marks

    I know it's not a good indicator and it's not recommended, but just for fun, what does everyone get as their UAI when they plug their unscaled Trial marks into SAM? I got: 81.85 Only 1.15 below Arts at USyd!