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    Math135 diagnostic test?

    So I just got an email about having to take a diagnostic test this Tuesday since I'm starting math135 in session 2. I haven't done any maths since the HSC last year since I didn't start uni in session 1 and was wondering how hard this test would be.
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    Can I get a quick answer to this please?

    Cheers for that.
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    Can I get a quick answer to this please?

    So I got accepted into a Bachelor of Engineering, but I don't start until session 2 of the year. However, I unknowingly booked an appointment for the enrolment preparation and academic advising session on the 28th of February which I only recently found out were for the students who start at...
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    Carrotsticks' Extension 1 HSC 2013 Solutions

    Dam forgot to get rid of the dx when I was converting everything to u =.="
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    Carrotsticks' Extension 1 HSC 2013 Solutions

    Can someone explain how question 5 was A and not B?
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    How to mark english essays?

    With almost only a week left before the start of the beginning of the HSC exam period, the frequency in feedback that I've been getting from my teachers have slowly decreased. Seeing as we only have 1 teacher at our school with hsc marking experience I assume he's getting swamped by essays sent...
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    How do i solve this?

    equate (mv^2)/r with qvbsin(theta) and make 'r' the subject and note that theta =90 and sin(90) = 1 so you can just ignore that part when equating the two equations.
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    HSC 2013 Maths Marathon (archive)

    Re: HSC 2013 2U Marathon Consider the two functions: y=mx-4 and y=x^3 Find the value of 'm' such that it is a tangent to the function y=x^3
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    help needed for growth and decay

    An easier way to do 4a) is to: N=P+Ae^kt, Ae^kt = N - P dN/dt= kAe^kt, since Ae^kt = N - P dN/dt = k(N-P)