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    Environmental Studies

    Hi there, I was wondering for anyone here doing an enviro studies or geography major at USYD, what is the level of maths/science background you would need? I'm currently majoring in IR and thus I'm mostly mathematically illiterate, but an enviro studies major conveniently only requires 24...
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    Free Legal Studies Notes, Essays & Guide (97 HSC Mark)

    Hi everyone, First off, if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it - I really wasn't sure where it should go. I'd like to give out my notes from 2014. This website was a huge help to me throughout the HSC, so I hope it can be the same for you. A little about me; I got a mark of...
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    Explain to me why I shouldn't just make up case studies on the day

    Pretty much just thread title. I've learnt all the Qantas stuff in that case study book you can buy, but it's so limited I don't really understand the point in using it at all. I'm fairly confident in my ability to just make up a business on the day so my examples can be tailored 100% to the...
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    Ranks: School: Early 100 English Advanced: 7/30ish Business: 2/30ish - really strong top 5 imo Legal: 1/15 Geography: 3/30ish Music 1 (lol): 1/4 These are estimated ranks bar biz & legal, hence the dodgy cohort counts, but shouldn't change by more than 1 place. Will update when...