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  1. Jigmey

    Don't know what to do after going WAY over the world limit in essay.

    I have this economics essay and the max words in 1 intro, 3 - 4 body and conclusion are 1200 altogether. The problem is I'm at 1500 words and don't know what to do!? I could get at 1350 at the lowest, will this be fine!???!!
  2. Jigmey

    4 types of relations

    Was away for the lesson so am unsure on how to do these questions. Also don’t know what the | x-3| means. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Jigmey

    Question about collective wants

    The question states "Discuss how factors that influence individual and collective wants can be both satisfied and changed through government intervention?" My factors that influence individual and collective wants are advertisements produced by companies and the economies' strength as...
  4. Jigmey

    How to create Notes?

    Are notes the words you write in class or are they like summaries with main points that you create after the lesson?
  5. Jigmey

    Internships at the big banks

    Is it highly favored upon or a requirement to have a bank account for the bank that you are interning for? Like would it be detrimental if you had a bank account with Commonwealth but wanted to do an intern at ANZ?
  6. Jigmey


    Why is there little mention of Macquarie’s Account Co-op? All I hear about is UNSW and Uts’s co op scholarship. Is macquarie’s scholarship not that good?
  7. Jigmey

    UNSW DATA Science

    Would the bachelor of data science and decisions course at UNSW qualify me for a data scientist role out of UNI, or would I have to progress through careers to become a data scientist?
  8. Jigmey

    Will I drown?

    Does anyone think that my subject selection has alot of workload or would it be considered normal for year 11? Maths Adv, Eng Adv, Economics. Business studies, Modern History (Distance eduacation) and Ancient History. I was thinking about picking a bludge subject but I enjoy modern and ancient...
  9. Jigmey

    Urgent advice on subject selections

    Would you recommend doing English Adv, Maths Adv, Business services, Economics and Business studies? I'm just afraid of my two semi low scaling subjects which are Business studies and Business services, but I've been told my careers advisor that scaling isn't important if you do well in a...
  10. Jigmey

    Will I succeed?

    I got an 18/20 with a bit of effort in an commerce Economic's essay, It was about how leakages and injections impacted the economy. Is this a good indicator of how I'll do in year 11?
  11. Jigmey

    Getting stressed out about doing Ancient history for year 11 next year.

    Is it hard to get a band 6 in Ancient? Is it harder than modern? Would there be a problem with doing business studies, economics and ancient history together? Do you know the topics which schools will study for year 11 next year? Any textbooks or articles that I Should read over the holidays to...
  12. Jigmey

    Has anyone recently done Financial services?

    If you’ve done the financial services exam, do you have any tips or thoughts about the subject? Like how hard is it?
  13. Jigmey

    Wrote my discursive essay yesterday in class anyone wanna check it out?
  14. Jigmey

    Unsure which answer is correct

    sin 2.55 degrees = cos P On the calculator I write 90 degrees - 2.55 degrees which gives me 87 degrees and 27 minutes. But answer in the book gives me 87.45 which is my initial answer, but in decimal form. Which is correct???????????
  15. Jigmey

    Maths help

    So in my test, there was a multiple question which asked "What is the shape of a cross section in a prism" The possible answers were a) polygon b) circle and I forgot the rest. What would the answer be?
  16. Jigmey

    Need someone to verify if I got the right answer

    Find the gradient and y intercept of the line with each equation 4x + 3y - 12 = 0 = 3y= -4x + 12 = y = -4/3 + 4 Gradient = -4/3 Y intercept = 4 Text book’s gradient answer is a positive gradient of 4/3 Not sure if I’m wrong
  17. Jigmey

    Wouldn't doing easy subjects and getting high marks in them be better than doing harder ones

    Would it be more beneficial to do easy subjects and get high marks rather than hard ones so you can get a high atar?
  18. Jigmey

    Surface area of pyramid

    Stuck on these questions for weeks! My working out is 1/2 x 10 x sqrt120 + 1/2 x 10 x sqrt375 + 2 x 1/2 x 12 x sqrt256 I keep on getting 343.5968394 = 343.6 but the answer in the text book is 343.4
  19. Jigmey

    Which degree should i choose

    I want to pursue a degree which will in the future hopefully land me as a financial stockbroker? . Which degree will best suit me for these job prospects? A degree in commerce majoring in finance (USYD) or a bachelor of finance (ANU)? Also what's the difference between these degrees?
  20. Jigmey

    Will i be able to get a 95+ atar with these subjects

    Advanced Mathematics Modern History Economics Japanese Beginners English standard History extension