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  1. timeflies

    VERY CHEAP HSC & Preliminary Textbooks

    For Sale: Physics Excel Preliminary Physics + Preliminary Physics in Focus $15 HSC Physics in Focus + Success One Physics Past HSC Papers 2012 Edition $20 Chemistry Conquering Chemistry (old book) $10 Chemistry Contexts 1 Preliminary $5 Chemistry Contexts 2 HSC + Success One Chemistry Past...
  2. timeflies

    Eddy Currents Induction Cooktop

    Can someone (FizzyCyst pls help) explain why the answer here is C. I would have thought that it'd be D as high resistance would mean more heat given off due to resistive heating/friction.
  3. timeflies

    Indicators for Titrations

    I'm a little confused as to what indicators are used for what titrations. Wikipedia tells me: Strong Acid, Strong Base: Phenolphthalein Strong Acid, Weak Base: Methyl Orange Weak Acid, Strong Base: Bromothymol Blue However other sources are giving conflicting results and after coming...
  4. timeflies


    Okay so came across this Integration question from Cambridge in class and nobody knew what we were doing after a while (even the teacher). The first and second bit of the question were fine but that last bit where you have the factorials is what we couldn't get to. The solution in Cambridge...
  5. timeflies

    Motor Effect Force

    Okay so I just want to confirm/clear up something. I have read different sources and some say different things about the forces experienced by each end of the coil during the motor effect. Source 1: Each end of the coil will experience a force which varies from zero, when the plane of the coil...
  6. timeflies

    Silly Mistakes

    How do you get rid of them? No seriously, in my first assessments, I lost quite a few marks to the stupidest mistakes possible. Not really for sciences and english, since its mostly learnt content, but for mathematics exams where you have to do working out. I am the king of sillies. Pretty sure...
  7. timeflies

    Cambridge Checkpoints vs Success One

    Does anybody have a Cambridge Checkpoints book? How is it? Is it the same compared to Success One past paper books or is it different in some way? I need to buy a past papers book and wanted to know which one would be better for Biology, Physics and Chem.
  8. timeflies

    Hardest 4U Topic

    We've covered complex numbers and started conics and I was wondering what people think the hardest topic in 4U Maths is? What should i not be looking forward to? :P Thanks!
  9. timeflies

    Biopolymer Help!

    Our first assessment at school for Chemistry is a second-hand investigation presentation on dot point 2.6 - "Use available evidence to gather and present data from secondary sources and analyse progress in the development and use of a named biopolymer. This analysis should name the specific...
  10. timeflies

    3U or 4U Maths?

    Okay well the thing is that at the moment, I am doing Advanced English, 4U Maths, Physics, Chem and Bio. I enjoy studying the sciences and believe I can get relatively good marks in all of them. But with 4 unit maths, this leaves me with a lot of work to do, considering I'm also planning to...
  11. timeflies

    Topic/Module Tests

    How do people test themselves after they've finished a topic or module? I just finished 'Production of Materials' and want to look for tests to test myself on the whole module to solidify my knowledge. I've tried looking for topic tests and even looked at the Bored of Studies Resources page but...