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  1. Fade1233

    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    fking English. mod b was shit. I though u could only use extract.
  2. Fade1233

    Hsc in one week!

    Yeh, Very
  3. Fade1233

    Is it possible to get 100 raw mark in ext 1 Maths?

    Ye a guy in very late 20th century got a 100 for 4u
  4. Fade1233

    can i use & and numbers in essays?

    Yeh English is a weird subject.
  5. Fade1233

    Dude snaps at girls for calling him Harry Potter

    Hahaha Yeh true. Dem sensitive guys hit on girls Hit on girls ;)
  6. Fade1233

    Remembering quotes??

    Why memorise quotes when you can memorize the essay.
  7. Fade1233

    2014 HSC English Predictions?

    Whow easy there fan. You got aggravated by someone you barely know. Ahaha yeh I understand. Thats what I thought about bio in yr 11 and then.....
  8. Fade1233

    2014 HSC English Predictions?

    Oh I know this guy. Welcome back to insult people. Ahhh.... Fms are you a girl or a guy? Man you are slow. I did two mins in yr7 and I realised every second after that, the pain of doing English.
  9. Fade1233

    MX2 state ranks

    You forgot faisalabdul.
  10. Fade1233

    Mod B: Predictions

    If those are war speeches. I am willing to take then on. But you wouldn't understand the pain of Harwood cos it's gender based . It's really more of female understanding so hard to understand for male. I don't even get it :(
  11. Fade1233

    Education Access Scheme

    Does this apply to aerospace at usyd?
  12. Fade1233

    How long do u study leading up to HSC?

    What a god. Teach me how to do what you did. If u can get me a 95 that way then I will give you $5000 legit
  13. Fade1233

    omg is it too late?

    You always have tafe u know. Or centrelink.
  14. Fade1233

    Are there any hot guys here? ;)

    Hell no hahhaha: I am as ugly as uh. Similes anyone?
  15. Fade1233

    Official BOS Trial 2014 Thread

    Hm... A competition and friendly... Never possible. 'Friendly competition' = oxymoron.
  16. Fade1233

    Official BOS Trial 2014 Thread

    Guys you have crossed the limits of ego. Ego has not done and will not do anyone good. And no Carrot, its not a battle at all, I am just curious about this year's questions.
  17. Fade1233

    HSC Physics - 2014 Predictions

    He is THE Fizzycyst and so that's what you have to write in the HSC for the Band 6 Response.