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    Don't really like my degree and unsure of what to do now.

    So I'm currently studying Actuarial Studies at MQ and I'm really not enjoying myself or the degree. Census date is approaching and I'm not sure if I should drop out of the course or not. I don't really know what I actually want to do now, so is it too much of an extreme measure to drop out of...
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    Will a HSC mark change affect my ATAR?

    Due to a peer's request for a results check, one of my HSC internal marks has increased, which has resulted in an increase of one of my HSC marks. Will this change my ATAR?
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    Maths @ USYD vs Actuarial+Applied Finance @ Macquarie?

    I am deliberating between doing a B Sc / M Math Sc (majoring in Financial Maths and Statistics and Econometrics) at Sydney Uni vs a B Actl Stds/ B App Fin at Macquarie. My ATAR is sufficient for entry into either course, but I'm not sure which one to pick. Macquarie is offering a $10k a year...
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    Disparity between assessment mark and HSC exam mark?

    What happens when there is a big difference (15-20 marks) between my moderated internal mark and my HSC exam mark? I’m expecting to get a Band 4 in economics, as I’m really not prepared, but I’m ranked 5th overall internally. My school gets 5-10 eco band 6’s each year, so I’d say that the 5th...
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    ATAR Estimate?

    Subject | Trial Mark, Trial Rank | Cumulative Mark, Cumulative Rank | No. of Band 6's in 2018, 2017, 2016. English Standard | 93/100, 2/30 | 90.9%, 2/30 | 0, 0, 0. Maths Ext 1 | 70/70, 1/99 | 94.6%, unknown (somewhere in the top 10) | 55, 55, 52. Maths Ext 2 | 99/100, 1/52 | 93.8%, 1/52 | 22...
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    Advanced Studies combinations?

    Since adding Advanced Studies to a degree allows you to complete a second major from any faculty in the Shared Pool, what's the difference between completing a degree with the same majors, but a different name? I am interested in the Business Analytics, Econometrics, Financial Maths and...
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    What should I do with my life?

    I honestly have no idea what I want to pursue in terms of a career/uni degree, and I'm feeling quite lost at the moment. I'm decent at my subjects at school and they're all sorta interesting but I don't envision them translating into employment, putting it really bluntly. Any suggestions on...
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    ATAR Estimate please?

    Hey everyone! I know this is really early but I'm curious as to what ATAR I am on track to achieving. I don't really have a goal at the moment but I'd like to get over 90. Here are my cumulative marks so far (weighted averages). My school hasn't given individual ranks out yet. 2018 School...
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    Waste Land related texts?

    Any schools doing Waste Land (documentary) for the Common Module? What related texts are you using?
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    Waste Land for Texts and Human Experiences

    Any other school doing Waste Land (documentary) for the common module? My school is doing it for Standard but it seems weird not to be doing a typical book.
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    Band 6?

    What raw marks are required in SAC to get a mid band 6? There isn't much information online about it :( Would about 91-2/100 (PIP+Exam) be enough to align to about 95?
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    What should I drop/change for year 12?

    My year 11 marks have been pretty dismal, and I need some advice on what to do before yr 12 I'm pretty sure I want to drop physics, and maybe pick up 4u maths, but I really don't know if I should drop to Standard English. My dilemma is that I really like English but I've been doing quite poorly...
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    Swapping Subjects?

    Hey Everyone! My school is giving its students a hard time in swapping Prelim subjects. Many kids have made a decision and want to change subject asap so they aren't too far behind in their course, however, the deputies are not willing to allow changes until a "swap day", where they will...
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    Help with Subject Selection!!

    Hey everyone, I'm really conflicted with my year 11 subjects for next year. I am currently enrolled in Adv. Eng Math Ext 1 SOR I Chem Phys Society and Culture I have decided that I will swap Chem for Eco, as I actually dislike science, and have an interest in the humanities...
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    Year 11 subject "lines"?

    How are Year 11 classes timetabled at your school? At mine, they get put into sets of 6 lines, each line consisting of 2 units, so everyone does exactly 12 units. However, there are lots of subject clashes, and a lot of 1 unit "filler courses" that terminate, so that's not good :( Does any other...