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    Can you use induction for non induction qs?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to ask whether or not you can use induction to prove something even if the question does not ask to use induction. Would you lose marks? Thanks
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    Hard integral, help.

    Can someone please help with the question above, but replace ln( x ) with ln^2 (x). I am asked to prove it equals pi cubed on 8, but when I calculate residue, this is what I get up (maybe with negative) until i apply contour integration, to which the integral converges to 0. Also, you must use...
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    Need help with textbook for 4 unit...

    Hello, I have the Fitzpatrick Mathematics Extension 2 textbook for the new syllabus, however the topic planes is missing from the vectors chapter. Would anyone using the Cambridge textbook recommend this textbook for the new syllabus? Also, does it cover planes in vectors? One last question...