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  1. verdades

    Legal Studies Multiple Choice - what?

    So I answered B. Because my understanding is that natural justice relates to a lack of bias within the judiciary thus reasons given for decisions, defendant's right to a hearing and to present evidence, etc. Which is procedural fairness, yes? Apparently the answer is D. But this is my...
  2. verdades

    Costs and Moving Out

    So I'm going to be moving out at the end of the HSC. I've been working on a table of costs and income and such, but the numbers I've gotten for electricity and water, I'm not sure how accurate they are. Can anyone tell me how much they're likely to cost? Thanks :) Also, is there...
  3. verdades

    Quick question re hard copies

    For the websites, we also have to submit a hard copy of all our pages, yes? Just the text, or does it need to be images? And should be it be double spaced? Thanks =]
  4. verdades

    Art Exams - uh, help, please?

    So yeah, I'm pretty sure that I actually have NO idea how to answer the entire first part of the art exam papers. And I'm actually not really sure what constitutes a good essay for the second half, either. So please, help. And honestly, this actually has nothing to do with me not being able...
  5. verdades

    Study Guides?

    Which is/are the best? How much do they cost? I need to get some. Probably maths and maths extension'd take priority. Thanks in advance for any help =]
  6. verdades

    Parametrics help

    So I've done this once, at the start of this term. Went over it again with my teacher. I've gone back and redone most of the simple locus from 2 unit year 11 work. But I still don't quite get it. Could someone please explain the what/why/how for me?
  7. verdades


    Any tips? I'm doing kind of semi-autobiographical anthology, exploring things that people can hopefully relate to. Styles, techniques, etc? Some poets I've already seen are Sylvia Plath [gag, but confessional style] and Robert Lowell. Also, there's By the River by Stephen King which I want to...
  8. verdades

    Question about international law incorperated..

    Into Australian domestic law. Is there a specific list that shows what Australia has signed/ratified, and what Australia has actually passed as domestic law? Also, are signed and ratified the same thing?
  9. verdades

    Multimedia Question - Website

    I'm going to be making a website for my major work, I think, and I'm just checking that I don't have to write it all in HTML, that I am allowed to use a WYSIWYG editor. Anyone know?