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  1. Tacenda

    Bachelor of Policing Question

    Hello all, Just some quick questions about WSU Policing Course. What's the difference between the leadership program and non leadership program? what's this internship they keep talking about in the description of their course? It's something along the lines of 20 people getting selected. Is...
  2. Tacenda

    How much does studying actually impact on your results?

    Stupid question to ask as everyone knows studying will improve your results. But just out of curiosity and complete boredom. Does anyone actually know how much effect does not studying and actually studying will have on your results? For example Lets say two people attempt the same exam...
  3. Tacenda

    Economics Questions

    Hi just a few questions to help solve my problems. 1. How much does the Actual HSC depend on the Year 11 Content? Is it like the Sciences and Maths where HSC covers everything from year 11 and 12? or does only year 12 content matter? 2. Recently had my yearly exam for Economics in Year 11...
  4. Tacenda

    Does Legal Studies HSC exams test Prelim content? If so and which?

    Just started year 12 in term 4, just wanted to ask if the HSC exam test year 11 content. I'm thinking that it only tests on basic concepts, but just asking to make sure I don't screw up. Thanks.:drink:
  5. Tacenda

    May possibly want to get into Medicine but don't know how.

    Hi, I've been thinking about my future lately, and I've been thinking that studying Medicine wouldn't be a bad idea if I could make it in. However I do not participate in any Science subjects currently. I'm also currently in Year 11 and aiming to be in an extension class for one of my subjects...
  6. Tacenda

    What's the highest ATARi can possibly get with these subjects?

    Quick question, any idea on what's the highest ATAR i can possibly achieve on these subjects? Only doing 10 Units worth of work, Can rejected from my applications for higher English and Maths although I've done quite well, but oh well. The subjects that I would probably be taking in the HSC...