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  1. verdades

    Life after hsc

    - applying for jobs - bludging - rewatching animes - bludging - shopping/scabbing money off parents - waiting for replies to job applications - bludging - getting Ps Tis quite gooood :]
  2. verdades

    The exam!

    Exam = raped D: Section 1 was kind of... wtf. Really liked Shiota's work, said something about the concept that the shoes one chooses and the experiences go with it give an insight into one's life and personality, expanded on that, said it represented individuals and the people who make up a...
  3. verdades

    Art Exam?

    I've found they switched certain types of questions between two of them, in a couple of years. 2005, 2006, I think. Usually, I'd go Conceptual, but I'll be basically going for whichever question is "culture".
  4. verdades

    Competition at your school

    There are/were competitive people in my year, yet the most it ever really came out was when someone was whinging about having done "badly", or the few times one of the guys skipped out on some parties and such in preference of studying [he topped maths and ext, physics, and came about 3rd in...
  5. verdades

    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    I said that you weren't guaranteed representation, cause you only need it for major cases if you can't pay for it.
  6. verdades

    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    I found the multiple choice to be pretty good, maybe a few weird questions towards the end but that hardly mattered. Short answer was again, good. Crime... Took me a while to think around the "commitment" bit, but that 'while' was all the time it took for me to get up to it after reading time...
  7. verdades

    law reform with world order ?

    It's a simple fact not too many people check the legal forums. Isn't World Order an optional topic, so you're not in the right subforum, anyway?
  8. verdades

    Not making it...

    I'd love to get above 90. But it won't happen. So like a 2. 'Cause I probably could have if I'd kept some of my subjects and dropped some others, as well as procrastinated less. I'm wanting above 85, because I know I should be able to do it, and if I don't, the only reason'll be 'cause of my...
  9. verdades

    Tables turned on HSC students (SMH)

    If you took a look around the forums here, you'll find that some people had absolutely no trouble answering any of the questions. I don't do SoR, but even I found that obviously there were people able to think around the question and apply what they had learnt in class. There should have...
  10. verdades

    raw mark for band 6?

    My teacher said he's got no idea, that it basically depends on the course candidature. Admittedly, going off the two Distance Ed classes going through Karabar, low-mid 80s would make sense.
  11. verdades

    Tables turned on HSC students (SMH)

    I'd actually never heard about that one until the night before. My teacher was always telling us two things: 1. if they ask for "one or more", they want two, as it shows a deeper understanding 2. Answer the question. So I'd been assuming that in a "one or more", 2 would get higher marks...
  12. verdades

    raw mark for band 6?

    Well, it is a band 6... I'll see what my teacher says, probably tomorrow.
  13. verdades

    Any 2010 hopefuls?

    Hoping for Bachelor of Science [Psychology] - 81.65 ATAR. I'm going external accommodation, and have also applied for their test 'just in case' I don't get the ATAR >.<
  14. verdades

    raw mark for band 6?

    Dang D: I think the top mark last year was 99% raw. Because tables somewhere said raw /50 was 49.5
  15. verdades

    Man rapes woman in unisex toilet

    We're not: a] Ancient Greece b] African Tribes c] South American Tribes It'd be a nice thought, but this is Western/American/Australian/whatever-you-want-to-call-it culture. Naked = sex. Not for everyone, but for a large enough minority to make the entire thing unfeasible.
  16. verdades

    2009 Mathematics 2U HSC Worked Solutions

    Yeah, I got that pretty easily, once I'd gathered that t=3 = 1. I did the other ones for appearance's sake. I didn't do particularly well with 3u overall, never understood SHM much, so... >.<'
  17. verdades

    2009 Mathematics 2U HSC Worked Solutions

    That's what I did. I hadn't planned to when I first read it, the proper process for it simply went right out of my head as I tried to do the question normally. Though I subbed 1 - 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12, because I'd gotten the pattern by then >.> From what little I can remember of my paper...
  18. verdades

    Can someone post the paper?

    Was kinda weird to work through... Like the radium question, it gave you enough information to do it, but wasn't particularly obvious at first glance. I suppose that's it? I got too close on Q9 b iv >.< was sitting there with something^n = some fraction and then I forgot my goddamn log rules.
  19. verdades

    Can someone post the paper?

    It isn't stalking if you spam every possible thread he's likely to post something useful in. More like inverse stalking? And thanks for the upload [I figured I should post something relevant to the thread >.<]
  20. verdades

    Legal Studies Multiple Choice - what?

    Ahhh, thankyou. :] I'll watch out for things like that in the future.