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  1. Darrow

    International Science

    Just wondering who applied and who has been awarded a position already
  2. Darrow

    Hardest Option

    Ok, which do you think is the hardest option? Also, do you think they would scale options relative to each other?
  3. Darrow

    Chemistry of Art

    For the 400 or so people that do it How do you think you went and what was with that Vanadium oxidation state question where you had to find a graph and justify it Wtf was that! The 7 marker was a gift though
  4. Darrow

    Historical Development of our Understanding of the cause and prevention of malaria.

    Ok, Im not sure/worried about this dot point. Originally malaria was thought to be caused by bad smells in swamplands, or the bites of insects Giovanni Grassi, at the end of the 19th century discovered it was transmitted by the anopheles mosquito Ronald Ross Discovered the protozoan...
  5. Darrow

    Effect of UV and IR light on Cu and ZnO

    Syllabus point: Explain the relationship between absorption and reflectance spectra and the effect of infra-red and ultra-violet light on pigments including zinc oxide and those containing Cu Ok, still not 100% sure on this, Anyone want to give me their view on it?
  6. Darrow

    Prempt the Questions Thread

    Ok, last years paper, they had : Radioactive Isotopes - 7marks Effects of ozone - 4marks Neutralisation - 5 marks Not many big mark questions in the core Anycase, I think we will get a lot on Naturally Occurring Acids The use of Esters Cellulose/ biopolymers (I hope!) Haber...
  7. Darrow

    The related World....of Warcraft

    Soo, I was thinking With journeys paper 1 week away, why not change my related text I was doing T.S Eliots The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock, but I find it mundane and boring So, I thought about World of Warcraft. Dont discredit it immediately, it is in effect, a fantasy world (and when I...
  8. Darrow

    Percent Difference between ranks

    Ok, In physics and biology, I'm coming second In both these cases, They got scaled up and me down, which is very annoying but hey With the gap between us so close, how would it affect my final hsc mark, as there is a good chance I may be able to beat the 1st ranked people in both subjects...
  9. Darrow

    Quick Permutations Combinations Question

    Ok, You have 8 people (4 couples) who are arranged around a circle Now, the couples have to be opposite from each other So, how many ways can they be arranged? 2 Thoughts Its going to be 3! x (2!)^ (Either 3 or 4) My question is do we assume the table to be distinct, that is, have a top end...
  10. Darrow

    Resistance! In motors

    Ok, we all know that V=IR SO by that R=V/I So, as Current increases shouldnt resistance in a wire decrease? But power loss increases with an increase in current (P=I^2R) So Im confused Edit: In power transmission actually
  11. Darrow

    Thoughts on the Independant Trial

    So... Had mine Wednesday Ridiculously Hard They went off testing dotpoints and starting testing abstract Ideas from it Like explaining the Zeeman effect Or categories of superconductors Anyone else do this test?
  12. Darrow

    Organ of Corti

    Im having trouble with how the organ of corti works. Is it: The stirrup hits the oval window which makes the ribbon like basilar membrane move, thus moving the hair cells (cilia) which protrude through the endolymph and go into the tectorial membrane? The movement of the basilar membrane moves...
  13. Darrow

    The Imaginary Journey in Animal Farm?

    Heya all, Im using Animal Farm (or want to at least) as my related text for imaginary journeys. My studied text is The Tempest. Basically, I have no idea how there is an imaginary journey in Animal Farm, I mean, sure...talking animals take over the farm, but its a satire on the Russin system...