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  1. Bina8

    Can someone help me

    So I have this question Evaluate​ the effectiveness of legal and non-legal measures in dealing with the Care and Protection of children in Australia My first paragraph is about the media (The media is greatly effective in regards to the protection of children through the exposure of child...
  2. Bina8

    Half yearlys

    I got really bad in the term 1 exam and like not even 30% in the half yearlys.. Is it too late now?
  3. Bina8

    A good related text

    Komninos is my prescribed text The teachers will choose one of these questions to test us on 1. Discuss the ways distinctive voices communicate unique experiences in your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing. 2. A distinctive voice makes us look at the world in...
  4. Bina8

    Are videos a good way to study?

    For some reason, when I watch videos, especially the detailed ones where it's covering parts of the syllabus for a lot of my subjects, I find it's easier to remember information and understand rather than reading over information. I watch videos and then revise a little over the sheets my...
  5. Bina8


    This subject, out of all of mine, is literally the most hopeless My half yearly is in two weeks and I know nothing :(
  6. Bina8

    Is it hard to get over 80 with my subjects?

    Standard english Society and culture Religion one unit Legal studies Senior science Business services
  7. Bina8

    Who likes Kpop here?

  8. Bina8

    How high does your atar have to be to come to this uni?

    My parents want me to go to this uni And I've seen the website, seems like a decent university Would like to know how high my atar needs to be
  9. Bina8

    Legal essay: Please help

    This is the question Assess the effectiveness of the criminal trial process in balancing the rights of victims, offenders and society We have to choose 3 factors, I've chosen 3 and found articles already: Dietrich v The Queen [1992] HCA 57 -Legal representation -Examine the role of...
  10. Bina8

    Anyone, please

    So I'm new here c: Hi I don't know where to post this, or if I'm posting this in the wrong section, I'm just desperate at this point. I'm in year 12 and I don't really know where I'm headed for the future or what I'm passionate about. I do know it'd kill me to get a bad hsc and let my family...