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  1. tonysoprano

    IPT transfer results are out!

    Just got the email sent to my UNSW email. Got accepted! Check your UNSW emails. Good luck :)
  2. tonysoprano

    Ipt 2016

    I understand supply and demand but if supply and demand 77-79 competitive demand?
  3. tonysoprano

    Commerce overseas job prospects

    Hi guys, Currently having trouble deciding whether to transfer to Law/Commerce or Law/Comp Sci. I was just wondering if anybody had some insight on the job prospects for working overseas (particularly in the USA) if I was to major in Finance for my commerce degree. Cheers!
  4. tonysoprano

    Online Essay Marking Service

    Hi everybody, I completed my HSC in 2015, achieving a 94 in Advanced English. As such, I'll be offering an essay marking service, at a rate of $10 per essay. You have my guarantee that I'll spend a MINIMUM of 45 minutes on each essay you send me. Fundamentally, I'll pick apart every aspect...
  5. tonysoprano

    WAM Boosters 2016

    Hey everyone, does anybody know any good courses that are really easy and can boost my WAM? I've heard PHYS1160 (intro to astronomy) was good, but apparently it's become harder and harder because many people had done it to simply boost their WAM. Does anybody know any other electives that are...
  6. tonysoprano

    Accepting offers

    If i accept an offer in this main round, is it still possible to get another offer in the second round (feb) which I can then accept? Or is it after I accept in this course, I can no longer get into the other course? And what if they're both at the same uni (UNSW)
  7. tonysoprano

    Not showing up to an exam?

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what would happen if I didn't show up to an exam. I've got SOR1 tomorrow, and I don't really wanna go. My intention was to drop it, but my school is a bunch of dicks and they forced me to stay in it. If I just choose to not go, will this affect my other...
  8. tonysoprano

    Raw Marks

    What's everyone estimating a band 6 will be? I found this to be a relatively hard exam, so I'm hoping that something around 78 is a b6.
  9. tonysoprano

    Difference between Validity and Accuracy

    Can somebody distinguish between the two? I hear people contradicting themselves when they try to explain it, and I want a definite answer of the difference. Thanks
  10. tonysoprano

    Raw marks

    What does everyone think a raw B6 and B5 will be? I reckon it was a pretty easy test excluding q16 and some of q15. Gonna estimate it be around 82 for a b6 and 65 for a b5
  11. tonysoprano

    Can anyone explain this?

    The 2011 MC, q13. Answer is D, shouldn't it be B, or am I missing something here?
  12. tonysoprano

    ATAR Estimate for myself and a friend please

    School Rank: 120 - 150 Person 1 Advanced English: 9/30 IPT: 1/26 Physics: 2/10 Business: 4/68 Mathematics: 12/25 Person 2 (significantly better than me, I know lol) Advanced English: 3/30 Mathematics: 1/25 Geography: 1/20 Ext 1 Math: 1/13 Economics: 2/13 SOR: 6/50ish
  13. tonysoprano

    Raw Marks for IPT

    Hey everyone, Was just wondering what raw marks are required for a mark like 93/94 in IPT. Will I need to actually achieve that actual raw mark, or is it somewhat lower. I've already checked the raw mark database and there is only data for people who got in the 60's. If anyone has any...
  14. tonysoprano

    Final ATAR Estimate

    Hey everyone, just need a final estimate because I've finally gotten all my ranks! School Rank: ~130 Advanced English: 9/30 (strong cohort) Physics: 2/10 (top 4 should get a b6) IPT: 1/28 (cohort is trash but i should be fine for a b6) Business Studies: 4/70 (top 8 should get a band 6)...
  15. tonysoprano

    Scholarship application help please

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anybody that is proficient in English and has some spare time on their hands are willing to read over my E12 USyd scholarship application responses to provide constructive feedback (preferably those already finished high school). It would mean a lot, because I'm...
  16. tonysoprano

    ATAR Estimate for a Friend

    Hey, just need an estimate for a friend. School Rank: 160 Std English: 14/97 Economics: 4/13 Physics: 3/10 Mathematics: 3/26 Ext. Math: 3/12 Business Studies: 5/68 SOR 1unit: 5/65 Thanks.
  17. tonysoprano


    I don't know where else to put this, so I'm just gonna ask this here. Has anyone (graduates) applied for EAS financial hardship? How many points would you expect to get from it?
  18. tonysoprano

    What HSC mark will this be around?

    I'm ranking 13/26 in 2u Math at a rank ~150 school. Usually 6-8 people get a band 6 in the subject at my school. Assuming my external is the same as my internal, am I still sitting at a band 5? And if so, how high/low in a band 5?
  19. tonysoprano

    Module C People and Landscapes Question

    For the people that are doing Judith Wright: Are you gonna know stuff about all the poems? Or just 2-3? Because I really don't want to memorise information about all 7 poems when I have to know 6 speeches for Module B as well. Would they either be specific in HSC/CSSA about writing about a...
  20. tonysoprano

    For the IPT peeps

    Is anyone here who does IPT completely neglecting it? It's such an easy subject that I feel I shouldn't waste any time studying for it. I have a full week of nothing during my CSSA timetable, where I've finished everything except IPT. Should I just leave it for that week during the exam period?