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    Working in Engineering/Construction

    Does anyone here work in engineering or construction while studying at the same time? what degree do you do? what year are you in your degree? full time or part time study? where do you work? what is your position and what do you do? how many hours do you work? how much do...
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    Unwired - having an unwired card + modem

    hey i was wondering if it is possible to buy an unwired card and an unwired modem and pay for them under the one plan? so id have my home pc with the unwired modem running on it. then a laptop with the unwired card. i understand id have to buy a card + modem. the reason why id have both...
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    Avoca Beach

    Me and about 10 mates are heading upto to avoca beach in early january. I was wondering if anyone has gone to a caravan park with a large group of mates during the family holiday season (Christmas holidays)? We booked two cabins for 4 days, so we aint going to go crazy and all squeeze into...
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    HELP: Amp cutting out!

    hey all, today i bought two 12" 1000W subs in a dual box and a 4 channel 1000W amp. i hooked it all up in my car (Au Falcon) correctly all power in power all channels connected etc. earthed it to the top of the boot. So my problem is that whenever bass comes into the music the amp cuts...
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    My AUI Ford Falcon

    Here is my 1999 AUI Falcon, it has had numerous mods added to it some include; 18 inch rims, chrome tail lights, altezza headlights, lowered, debadged, grill change, clear indicators and some extra to the interior.
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    The Beaconsfield miners

    i find this to be an absolute minor miracle.
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    Casual Labouring

    does anyone know any places/companies/people that employ casual labourers, that would work something like 3-4 days a week. i am a uni student but i do semi-full-time (3 units) and i do construction management, i kno u can easily get cadetships and stuff as i am currently doing a cadetship...