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    b commerce and b arts - psychology honours program

    Hello i just received an early offer for b commerce and b arts - psychology at macquarie uni and was wondering how will i be able to transfer into the honour's program? What are the requirements? thank you
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    Business Studies Past Papers and Advice Thread

    Hello I just came across this package online called "StudyOn HSC Business Studies jacaranda" and someone had highly recommended purchasing it. However i couldn't find any other reviews on it. Does anyone recommend this package? Is it worth it? Thank you
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    Psychology USYD or Maq or UNSW or UWS

    hello i really want to get into psychology at usyd. the atar is 96. i knew this girl who 2 years ago got into the course with a 93 atar so i was just wondering (if anyone has knowledge, or first hand experience) are they lenient with allowing people in with atar scores less than 96? thank you...
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    Module C Essay structure

    Hello everyone, my prescribed texts for module c are W.H Auden's poems and i was wondering the best way to structure a module C essay. Another concern is how to construct thesis statements for the essays. I'm confused regarding this. Also does anyone recommend any related texts? Thanks in...
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    CSSA 1985 geometrical applications of differentiation

    hey guys so I'm doing a geometrical applications of differentiation question from the CSSA 1985 paper and it goes like this: "find the values of x for which the curve y=2x^3 - 3x^2 - 12x +6 rises with downward concavity" and the answer is x≤-1 im not entirely sure how this is the answer and...
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    1984 and Metropolis context

    hi all, does anyone have any context for 1984 on the perspective - women? thankyou :D to be more specific, i need context on sexualisation of women (Julia) as i am doing a VR, comparing the perspective of women in 1984 and metropolis.