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    help with my year 11 physics assignment

    hi guys so ive got an assignment on cosmic engine. I am really bad at physics and i dont know how to study for this so any help is appreciated. task: research the models of the solar system put forward by the following scientists: aristotle ptolemy copernicus kepler include...
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    Need help with english assignment

    unit - Bruce Dawe poetry task title - visual representation and rationale submission date - week 6 (week 4 now) thursday 21st august task 1 - visual representation using the core text, the poems of Bruce Dawe which you studied this year (weapons training, homecoming and americanized...
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    year 12 jersey name

    hi i am currently in year 11 and moving in to year 12. we are getting a year 12 jersey and i dont know what i am going to write on the back of the jersey. i am asain but dont hang around with the asains and i hang around with the whites most of the time. any suggestion?
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    Need urgent help with year 11 physics practical assessment task!!!!

    Hi i have a physics practical assessment task this friday i have got no idea what to do and how to study. i didnt even want to do physics and my report for physics was very bad (as in like super bad). Any help is awesome unit: electricity in home task: to determine through experiment...
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    Need urgent help with year 11 biology assessment task!!!!

    Hey so 2 days ago i got an assessment task from biology and its about the evolution of Australian biota. It is a 50min test and i am able to bring in 2 pages worth of written notes in to the test. In the test there will be 3 unknown questions to be asked (im guessing long response) these are the...