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    I am currently studying Advanced Mathematics at Sydney University under the Talented Student Program (for mathematics) I am seeking year 11 or year 12 students for 3U or 4U maths I am dedicated to students who are aiming for an outstanding UAI I charge $30 to 35/hr depending on location...
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    did anyone else get 387mg/L for EDTA?

    as titled
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    Things the examiners wanted you to get wrong:

    MC 7 they want to confuse you with the 45 degree so you sub it in the equation. 8 they want to confuse you with the voltage/time graph and fool you to pick B 9 they want to confuse you with AC induction to get d 10 they want to confuse you by not labelling the...
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    Start of Mathematics!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist when I saw the other post about End of Mathematics.... I applied for Advanced Maths in Sydney U for my first preference and maths is only just starting for me. I want to know if there's any other people on the forum looking to properly start maths in uni like I do.