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    Maths Question!

    Hi, I've tried solving this question a few times, however I can't seem to do and I think the points that have been provided are incorrect. Here is the question: The points A(-3,4) B(-5,-2) and C(2,6) form the vertices of a triangle. Prove that the perpendicular bisectors of the...
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    IPT vs ITM vs SDD

    Hey! I'm a yr 10 student and I was wondering if anybody could explain the differences between ipt, sdd and itm? (Side note: I want to do a subject which deals with coding and not editing images or videos, so could you recommend the best subject out of them all?) Thank you!
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    Brain Bee 2017?

    Also, has anyone done the brain bee challenge? If so, how difficult is the first round? Are there any sample questions I can get? Thnks
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    Maths Accelerated for grad 2019? Anyone?

    Hey, is there anyone graduating in 2019 doing maths accelerated this year? My school isn't supportive of accelerated course AT ALL and they declined me because 'the syllabus hasn't been prepared yet'. I just wanted to know how many people or are there any people doing this course at all this...
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    Ultimate Guide for Selective School Entry (Yrs 8-12)

    Selective School 2016 So, as many people know, it is getting harder and harder to get into selective schools and those who are unfortunate enough, have to reapply for grades 8 to 12. I was one of these people and when I was looking for information about the whole test and guides to getting into...