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    Bump - resumption of free HSC Trial revision classes for Physics :)
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    How to effectively use reading time to do well in exams

    For me personally, it depended on how much time I had left, the likelihood that I made silly mistakes and the difficulty of the unanswered questions. This list is non-exhaustive and I am sure contributors to this forum have their own metrics which I encourage them to share here. I have assumed...
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    Unfortunately I do not have any specific material available to share here. I would direct you to the notes & resources tab of this forum which contains ample material. For Physics, I would also recommend the Cambridge and ATAR notes books. I recommend Cambridge for the quality of the questions...
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    doing 4 tutoring classes (2 places) for maths (2 for 3u and 2 for 4u). Should I quit 1 place?

    From your post it sounds like you know what to do but might need some reassurance :) Your primary concern is that you are overburdened with math tutoring homework because of its length and (unnecessary) complexity/lack of relevance. This is compounded by an additional 2 hr commute and...
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    Bump :) Update: In addition to assistance with Math and Physics, I will happily answer questions relating to study techniques/exam performance
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    How to effectively use reading time to do well in exams

    Hi everyone, I wanted to offer some insight into how I used my reading time in exams when I sat the HSC (a long time ago!) :) My advice is geared towards the Sciences and Math but can be extended to other subjects. When reading time is provided during an assessment, it is generally limited to 5...
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    legal assignment

    Hi Marli, I would suggest identifying pivotal cases that led to law reform and then using statistics to track the impact of said law reform. Pivotal cases are always controversial (e.g Corey Davis case) because they involve grotesque details and/or unjust outcomes for the offender/victim...
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    Thoughts on Project Management combined with Civil Engineering?

    I can speak personally to this as I work with Graduate Project Managers and myself completed a civil engineering degree at USYD. Experience counts more than the degree. Completing a double Civil/Project Management degree is only helpful insofar as it secures you an internship/part-time job...
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    Is Dux College better than PEAK?

    Disclosure: I do not work for PEAK as I am clearly a private tutor. I can only speak for PEAK science because that is where I went for Physics and Chemistry tutoring from 2012-2013. Personally I think it represents great value for students who are already self-motivated and disciplined. This...
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    And we're back with round 2! Thank you to all who attended tonight - hope it was useful and helpful :) Only 6 spots for next Monday night ;)
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    Yes, HSC preparation extends to Preliminary courses!
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    [UPDATE 7/7/20: RESUMPTION OF FREE REVISION SESSIONS FOR HSC PHYSICS STUDENTS] Hi everyone, I will be hosting another free session to help Physics students prepare for their upcoming trials in the next few weeks. I will go through parts of the 2019 HSC Physics Paper. Questions will be...
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    Combined Law/Eng at USYD

    Update: Currently studying Law and Engineering at USYD. 6 year degree Have to overload at times and your course is basically set out from your first year until your last. Only 1 or 2 engineering students per cohort take this degree. If anyone has any questions about this degree, feel free to...
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    Trial Revision - 99.70 - Parramatta

    Hi, I will be offering trial revision at Parramatta over the next few weeks for any of the following subjects: -Chemistry -Physics -2U/3U Math Able to cater up to two students per lesson. HSC marks: Chemistry (95) Extension 1 Maths (97) Extension 2 Maths (95) Physics (94) About...
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    Combined Law/Eng at USYD

    Thank you for your reply .
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    Combined Law/Eng at USYD

    Hi, just wanted to know the experiences of any person who has completed or currently in this double degree. I would like to know what advantages one has upon the completion of this double degree in terms of how Law may complement an Engineering career and vice versa. Does taking this degree...
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    What is it like to be at the top?

    The main reason I would do a subject is because I like it but not necessarily be 'passionate' about. Say Maths, I might be good at it (which I like) but it doesn't mean I have this "curiousity" (more like trying to avoid those deadly hard questions). So I would be completely opposite in this...
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    Indicator Question

    Just wanted to add something. Indicators are typically weak acids which in turn account for the equilibrium that was established (i.e ionises in water to still form HInd and Ind-). Then I wrote the rest which has been clearly discussed above.
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    Re: Your Inudstrial Chem answers RealiseNothing has some good points. Though including the Frasch process may improve the sophistication of your answer, going only into detail into the Contact process is fine too. The main problem with the question was that the syllabus doesn't strictly teach...