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    Highest Paying Casual Job for 17y/o

    why do u even need a job
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    I think its c heat needed = mass * 4.22 * temperature to be raised heat needed = (16.00+2*1.008) * 4.22 * (10) = 760 joules not kilojoules can someone confirm the bold part? then, 760/1367 is the moles of ethanol needed. then mole * molar mass
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    HSC 2012-2015 Chemistry Marathon (archive)

    Re: HSC 2012 Chemistry Marathon A. Amphiprotic species are those that can act as proton donors as well as proton acceptors. For example when HCl is added, HCO3- + H+ -> H2CO3. In this case the bicarbonate ion has accepted a proton thus act as a proton acceptor. However when titrated against...
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    AAS CC frustration

    okay let me try 0.106 g mecury in 250ml, that is 0.106g/250ml, thus 0.424g/1L. express this is ppm. that is 424ppm when they took 1, 2 and 4 ml samples - Use C1V1= C2V2, thus 424*1=?*100 for 1 mL standard conc = 4.24 ppm 424*2=?*100 for 2 mL standard conc = 8.48 424*4=?*100 for 4mL standard...
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    Graphs and Complex Number:

    last questions for the reciprol graph is a, because u eliminate d since f(x) and 1/f(x) must have same signs, and for f(x) =1, 1/f(x) must also equals to 1, so its common sense
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    What is the minimum wage for an 18 year old?

    It doesn't depend on where you work at at all. For fast food industries i.e. maccas/kfc, There is a minimum wage depending on your age, but for every extra half year you work there, the wage rises by around 1.5 dollars. Speaking around experience
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    What other job prospects are there?

    Hi, your post seem to be pretty helpful Can you please tell me more about cadet positions? I have never heard of them. Also whats the difference between an internship for highschool and uni? Thanks a lot
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    Musical Instruments

    Oh i see, but generally electric solos are not rlly full of chords, but more of single notes or power chords right?
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    Musical Instruments

    maybe you can help me out, would you know anything about electric guitars? Through listening to a few solos i get this feeling that players generally fret single notes and use vibrato etc to enhance the sound is that right? It sounds different from accoustic because of amplification?
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    HELP!Examples of physical conditions/chemical conditions and competition for resource

    Re: HELP!Examples of physical conditions/chemical conditions and competition for reso I think the plant is called spinifex or porcupine grass, and use allepathy to eliminate competition. Can some1 check this plz? physical: The industrial revolution of Europe lead to increased...
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    MDP: Anime reveiw book or some kind of book perhaps a Original novel?

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    question about superfiscally 'belonging'

    ty and yes we have done belonging at school jst my fault for not listening
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    yea piano is like my replacement for going on computer and going out, also screwing around with a guitar=]
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    question about superfiscally 'belonging'

    Hi everyone I got a question, are the connections of you and friends you don't like, or you being part of a group you don't like belonging? Because even though they are connections between places and people, deep down say i dont really want to have this connection, is this belonging? also any1...
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    How much does standard english limit atar

    okay thanks a lot, im going to get this shit haha! btw i cant do esl because i dont qualify anymore, the feb this yr i would have been in australia for more than 5 yrs so.
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    How much does standard english limit atar

    damnn, that sucks right? shit screw english honestly.... hey but if u did standard, mind saying ur mark?=D
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    How much does standard english limit atar

    ohh right, for some reason our standard results for area of study belonging smashed the advanced students overall (internal), does that help then? i mean in the final exam we might do better in this area comparing to them as well.
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    How much does standard english limit atar

    Hey everyone Does anyone know how much standard english will limit atar? I am very bad at english, especially with vocabs. I should be a ESL student, but the teachers put in into advanced english in yr 11 which i dropped out into standard, because i dont qualify for ESL anymore. Say, I'm...
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    P.O.M Syllabus Practise Questions

    How do I access the questions lol all I c is op saying "as requested byxxx"