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  1. Simplice

    USYD Chatter Thread

    I have a 6 hour gap between my English and Philo class on Thursday fucking rip
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    University of Sydney Roll Call 2016

    Bachelor of Arts (Government and International Relations + English) / Bachelor of Laws (I). Much excite
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    Usyd Textbooks and Course readers

    I'm in the same boat as you, sister!! Jesus uSyd, you give me my Law stuff a good week ago, but still rotting to death waiting for English and Gov.... Btw, I'm also doing ENGL1026 and GOVT1105 :)
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    Post your 2015 ATAR here!

    99.50 and a state rank. I'm overwhelmed.
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    WHY COMPUTER GAMES ARE GOOD: - Promotes problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and rational decision-making - Heightens mental agility (search up some stats about how it increases intelligence in adolescents, I'm pretty sure there were a couple of academic articles here and there) -...
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    That's amazing! Urgh, I've signed up but my word count is at zero. I'm going to pump out some writing tonight, but the next few days are super busy and then I'm going overseas...will try my best to keep up hahaha. What's your username?
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    Sadly, I can relate. *slowly crawls into a hole and dies*
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    Indeed! I've attempted writing longform previously, but that was in the embarrassing fanfiction days....
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    What do your teachers think of us???

    haha my teacher was like....bos changed their name to bostes.... whattya gon do about that bored of studies
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    Any specific advice for how to do well in a subject you are self-taught?

    If you feel like you have a handle on things and can maintain that drive, then yes, a tutor wouldn't be much help. Just remember that although your dad may be amazing at physics, it doesn't necessarily correlate to being amazing at HSC physics (let alone teaching). HSC physics requires a whole...
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    Any specific advice for how to do well in a subject you are self-taught?

    I did bio in year teacher was utter shit. We banded a group of students together to complain, but the principal didn't really care. So I dropped it. It really depends on what kind of person you are. If you can manage to stay self-motivated, then yeah talk to state rankers, copy their...
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    Ahhh I love that poem!
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    excerpts from the waste land by T.S Eliot APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain. Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow, feeding A little life with dried tubers...
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    When to start past papers?

    Download topic-by-topic HSC questions. Do the more recent ones first, then the older ones (80s-90s) - this is usually in increasing difficulty. Closer to your assessment, hand pick questions from the topics you will be tested on and make a mock exam, do it under timed conditions. And if you are...
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    Good enough for a 99.95 ?

    It really depends on how your cohort does?? Especially for English. How do you think you went in your HSC exams?
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    English Area of Study to be dropped

    I find the current English syllabus maddening. It completely strips away any semblance of literary appreciation the student may have once had and replaces it with syllabus mumbo-jumbo and rubric vomit. The entire concept of "proving" profound, deeply philosophical insights with a line of poetry...
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    Blit's guide to choosing related text for Discovery :)

    Off the top of my head... Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami (think this will link well with LoP) Five Bells - Gail Jones The Road - Cormac McCarthy Big World - Tim Winton The Trial - Franz Kafka The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy The Inheritance of Loss - Kiran Desai ...also...
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    Last movie you watched? And what you thought of it?

    I watched Watchmen. It was so, SO good. If you want a grittier, darker, dystopic-styled Avengers, go see it.
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    Blit's guide to choosing related text for Discovery :)

    My teacher actually strongly recommended Boyhood as a related text. But it all depends on how it fits in with your prescribed. I did the Tempest and chose Birdman, which had excellent thematic connections (metafictionality, theatre, illusion, forgiveness etc) that enabled the two texts to work...