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    External transfer from MQ to UNSW

    Hi, I am studying actuary at MQ (first year) and I am about to complete one semester (4 units). After this I want to transfer to UNSW and do Data Science. I did some research and found that if I have studied below 0.75 FTEs (which is 6 units at MQ), then only my ATAR will be considered for...
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    Accepting Offers

    Does anyone know when the scholarship offers are released, where they are released, and how to accept them? Thanks in advance
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    on it says that for engineering studies in 2013 an 80 aligned to 95. how is this possible considering engineering doesnt have the best scaling (in terms of the difference between aligning and scaling)?
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    actuary salary

    does anyone know the average/top end salary of a fully accredited actuary (FIAA)? because people have told me different numbers than what it says on google.
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    How do you do part (iii) for this question? Thanks in advance
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    Hertz's Experiments

    How did Hertz measure the speed of radio waves? Different sources say different things however they all said the frequency of the wave was known due to the experimental setup: 1. He allowed radio waves to reach the receiver via two different paths: one direct and one after reflecting off a...
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    Blackbody Radiation

    I understand that it doesn't transmit nor reflect any EMR, but absorbs it perfectly. 1) Why does a black body radiate? Why is it a 'perfect emitter'? 2) Does a blackbody only radiate when it becomes hotter than its surroundings? 3) If no EMR falls on a blackbody, does it still emit...
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    Mechanics Question

    Thanks in advance
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    First in Course List

    Aboriginal Studies Killara High School ParsonsElizabeth Jessie Agriculture James Ruse Agricultural High School (Carlingford) Zhang Katelyn Ancient History Lumen Christi Catholic College (Pambula Beach) Elia Seraina Biology Fort Street High School (Petersham) Charls...
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    Rate of Flow question

    On a factory production line a tap opens and closes to fill containers with liquid. As the tap opens, the rate of flow increases for the first 10 seconds according to the relation R = 6t/50, where R is measured in L/sec. The rate of flow then remains constant until the tap begins to close. As...
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    JRAHS 2014 2U Trial

    Does anyone have the MC solutions? The paper can be found on dan's THSC