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  1. stargaze

    N.O or Creatine?

    holy shit (!) If are new to lifting I'd strongly suggest you focus on getting your diet right and once you have, then consider supplementation.
  2. stargaze

    How long does it take you to gain weight?

    Ninjasauce have u competed in a powerlifting Aus meet ?
  3. stargaze


    I like Explosions in the Sky Mogwai This Will Destroy You Caspian
  4. stargaze

    Exercise Enviroment

    hey ninjasauce, which gyms offered you chalk? in sydney? thanks
  5. stargaze

    What are you currently Reading?

    Over the summer thus far, thanks to a recycled reading store in Singapore. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan Teacher Man by Frank McCourt Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger $3 very well spent.
  6. stargaze

    What do you train for?

    Hey this is quite cool... Always cool to hear about dedicated plers/bbers in Australia. That's a very nice deadlift ninjasauce, hope to get there a (many) months. I train for various reasons with the first one plainly being I really enjoy it. Other than that I want to continually get...
  7. stargaze

    What motivates you to exercise?

    Starcraftmaster please stop embarrassing yourself. You have had no point at all in posting except to seemingly stroke your overinflated ego. You are making gross generalizations that make you come across as someone who has read a few internet articles, been working out for a bit and now...
  8. stargaze

    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    the same three albums all week Justice - Cross Common - Be Beastie Boys - The Mix Up
  9. stargaze

    What gym/health club are you with?

    How was Riley's? Seems like a pretty 'hardcore' place.
  10. stargaze


    Any gym recommendations? Will be heading there later this year for a month or so and would really like a place to train. Thanks
  11. stargaze

    Does God exist?

    What would you propose he do?
  12. stargaze

    Does God exist?

    I don't quite follow sorry. Could you rephrase?
  13. stargaze

    Does God exist?

    Problem indeed! What would you need to conclusively believe that there is a God?
  14. stargaze

    Does God exist?

    First off I am a Christian but I've been out of Christian circles long enough I think to have a bit more of an open mind and I have some serious reservations about Christianity too. (But that's more on the state of Christianity in recent times). ANyway. I hope I'm not just saying stuff...
  15. stargaze

    Budget mp3 players

    Hey peeps, Wondering if ppl had any input on which of the following is probably my best bet. Just after a cheap, 1gb, durable mp3 player. Would rather be getting a monster 20+gb something but just don't have the cash to spend right now. My choices: - Ipod Shuffle (gen 2) 1gb ($109) -...
  16. stargaze

    Jack and Bobby

    I saw about half of the series on ABC earlier this year. Found it really really good. Terrific cast and interesting concept. (browsed thru some torrents, saw season 1... 7g, not a lot of seeders tho)
  17. stargaze

    300: Written by Frank Miller (Sin City), Directed by Zack Snyder

    What I expected. From a red-blooded man testosterone perspective it was pretty good. Very violent and bloody. Lots of manliness going on. From a more critical perspective, it really lacked character development and the build up of a plot. Stylistically it was ok, nothing amazing about the...
  18. stargaze

    best movie of the 90's

    Was Heat really that great? I remember watching it a long time ago but I don't remember thinking of it as a the best movie of the decade. Off the top of my head I liked american history x, fight club, shawshank redemption and 25th hour. I am a huge fan of 25th hour!
  19. stargaze


    THE DEPARTED yeah!!! Um on that note, did anyone else think Diane Keaton looked like pure plastic? I'm not really knowledgeable on that kind of nothing, but I was pretty shocked when she gave out the best picture award.