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    Getting to centennial park, Parkes road BIOS1301

    Is anyone else stuck on how to get to centennial park. Im like freakingggggg out, idk how to get there... Who else is going for bios1301?
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    Does anyone have anything to say about this subjects? Its easiness? interesting? Boring? Also hows the one day field trip? Is it easy to pass? Considering its fundamentals im guessing yes?
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    zpass not working, myunsw and zmail PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Im 103820% Sure my ID and password are correct, however the myunsw and zmail is saying my id or password is incorrect? When i log onto identity manager however its working? Has this happened to anyone? What should i do? It just started happening today.. PLEASE HELP!!
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    Buses this week for exams

    Hey guys my first exams on friday and its at uni, are there 891 buses running from central this week?
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    I dont know whats more depressing

    My ATAR... or that the original wiggles are leaving.