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  1. Rayanz

    Problems With Marking

    There have been many reported cases of students, in their comparisons, being unable to understand the system to which their marks were calculated. There have been court cases charged against the Board of Studies already. The 'Clerical Recheck', and the vast amount of cases where the UAI and...
  2. Rayanz

    North Shore Schools

    I know this is kinda weird but im curious...if you go to a school in the North Shore (Chatswood up) let me know - we might know eachother! ;) try to get ppl familiar with others on the net...sned a pic if u can aight hey to every1 at st ives rz
  3. Rayanz

    Format and Setting of Major Work

    Its stated that the major work hasto be double spaced. I know that. There's no indication about the Reflection Statement though. Who has double spaced it? I know the markers are picky, so i wanna make sure i get this right. Also, can anyone refer me to a site (BOS?) that tells me whether the...
  4. Rayanz

    Major Work Presentation

    can anyone tell me what the required presentation is for the Short Story Major Work? I know it's size 12 font, Times or Arial, but does anyone know if the editing (space between dialogues) makes a difference? Can anyone please give me a site from the Board indicating these requirements...thanx...
  5. Rayanz

    Scaling at TAFE and school

    Jus a question - I do 2u BIO - 2u Maths - 2u Ancient - 4u English all at a state high school. I then do 2u RELIGION at nth sydney TAFE. Got told that doin subjects at Tafe really scales the subject low...Is it true that subjects at tafe get badly scaled??? oh - and if students all have...