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  1. BillyMak

    Unavoidable --ing clashes

    Turns out it's impossible to enrol in Complex Analysis and Several Variable Calculus, because each course has only one lecture stream and the little fuckers overlap. Also, there is no combination of the higher streams of these courses that can be taken to avoid this clash. To top it off...
  2. BillyMak

    Trouble enrolling MATH1231

    Heya, last year I completed MATH1151 while in a BCommerce degree, and have since decided I didn't want to do commerce any more, so swapped to BSci/BEd. Anyways, I need to do the second maths course for stage 1, and was trying to enrol in MATH1231 for semester 2, but it says I can't because I...
  3. BillyMak

    3/4 Time Uni

    Heya, a lot of people I know are doing part time uni, that is, doing 2 courses per semester instead of 4 (each subject contributing 6 Units of Credit). I was wondering, is it possible to to do 75% of a full-time load for your entire degree, so do 3 subjects per semester so that a 4 year...
  4. BillyMak

    Can't enrol in a subject I need to do.

    Greetings people. It seems I can't enrol in EDST1101 because the lecture is only on one line, and it is full. Quite annoying, considering it is a subject I need to do if I don't want to be a semester behind. Is there any way around it? Only 2 out of the 15ish tutes available are full, so...
  5. BillyMak

    Accomodation available for UNSW students.

    Ok, so I know this isn't the best place to put an ad, but our house is right next to the uni and is basically designed for uni students.... We've got two Large rooms in a 4-bedroom house, about 30 seconds walk (across the road) from the uni if anyone is interested. Rent is $140 a week, but...
  6. BillyMak

    Hours per week

    Heya, I'm doing BScience/BEducation next year, majoring in maths for the science component, and was wondering if anyone could tell me how many hours I'd have per week, or where I could find this information. Another question.... BScience would have the same number of hours as...
  7. BillyMak

    FTE question

    Heya, just got a clarification to make, I did a search through previous threads but couldn't really find anything that answered my question. I am applying to transfer through UAC from and did the HSC last year, and withdrew before September 15 to avoid academic penalty. One of the application...
  8. BillyMak

    Changing courses (yr 1 to yr 2)

    Heya, I know I've asked questions about transferring before, but I just have a few more questions.... Firstly, I've decided to change from BCommerce to BScience/BEducation with the goal of becoming a maths teacher. As I understand it you can use your UAI to get into university for 2 years, and...
  9. BillyMak

    Union fees

    I completely forgot about my S1 union fees.... still haven't paid them, and can't really afford to cough up $250 at the moment either. Just wondering what the repercussions are of not paying your union fees, because in a few weeks I'll have S2 union fees due as well... Thanks in advance.
  10. BillyMak

    ECON1101 Location

    Can someone direct me to the information as to where the Micro final is? I've been looking on WebCT and can't seem to find the location of the exam.
  11. BillyMak


    Heya, My tutor said the other day that raw marks at the end if a session are scaled depending on the difficulty of the course, so a pass mark would generally be less than 50. Is this true? And if so does anyone know where one can get stats and information on scaling?
  12. BillyMak

    Transferring courses ASAP

    Heya, I'm considering changing my course from B Commerce to something that I know the UAI requirements are a lot lower (B Science/B Education majoring in maths). What would the process be to transfer? Surely this isn't one of those occasions where to transfer to a course I'd need a D...
  13. BillyMak

    math1151 question-vectors

    heya I was wondering if anyone could help me with a particular question in the algebra booklet that has been pissing me off, I've looked at it a bit but can't see how to do it. The first question is 17(c) in the algebra booklet, page 52. Goes like this: Decide whether the following...
  14. BillyMak

    ASOC Soccer match

    Hey in the first email ASOC sent everyone, they mentioned a soccer match being organised between the UNSW actuarial students and the Macquarie actuarial students. Does anyone know when this is, and are there tryouts or is it basically everyone who shows up is in?
  15. BillyMak

    Another enrolling problem :(

    I'm trying to enrol, and I want to do the following courses: Cores: ACCT1501- Accounting and Financial Management 1A ECON1101- Microeconomics 1 ECON1202- Quantitative Methods A Electives: MATH1151- Mathematics for Actuarial Studies and Finance 1A FINS1612-...
  16. BillyMak

    MATH1151 Lectures

    Just wondering, for MATH1151, there are four lectures every week. Are these lectures the same, just at different times so it is more convenient for people to choose which one they attend, or is it necessary to attend all four? Thanks for your help :)
  17. BillyMak

    Enrolling and stuff :S

    It's thursday the 10th of February. University starts in only a few weeks. I've been busy these holidays finding a house and moving all my crap into it, and in doing so I have misplaced pretty much all information the university sent to me after I accepted my offer (B Commerce). Also, I...
  18. BillyMak

    Commerce troubles

    I'm doing Commerce at UNSW and I've accepted the offer (or so I'm told since the status is "Matriculation" on myUNSW). I haven't done much in terms of choosing my electives, as I've been busy house-hunting in Sydney (rent in Sydney is ridiculous :( ) Anyways, I have a few questions: 1)...
  19. BillyMak


    I'm feeling a little in the dark right now, I was just made an offer to do B Commerce, which I have wanted to do for ages. I was always under the impression that everyone except for the co-ops who did B Commerce did the same subjects in the first year, and then chose majors and minors for their...
  20. BillyMak

    Changes in HECS

    This is an extract from the application form: Recent Government legislation has changed the way that the Commonwealth supports students in Higher Education. The following questions will help to determine if you qualify for the NEW (post-2005) or the OLD (pre-2005) arrangements. It is...