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  1. MoonlightSonata

    New Moderators & Farewell

    Dear members, As you may or may not have been aware, I am stepping down as moderator from News, Current Affairs & Politics. I have a great deal of commitments this year and I would seriously not be able to maintain things. After a consideration of potential replacements, the other...
  2. MoonlightSonata

    Light & Offbeat News

    Hello and welcome to the Light & Offbeat News sub forum. This area is intended for less discussion-worthy news items, usually consisting of obscure, quirky, humorous, strange-but true, or run-of-the mill news stories. This forum is intended as a filter so that the primary discussion-worthy...
  3. MoonlightSonata

    The Law Guide / FAQ

    Sections: 1. Should I study law? ... Things to consider - course difficulty, your interests, salary, job opportunities & more. 2. University ... Information about law schools - where to study, entrance requirements, law classes, students, etc. 3. Transfers ... All about how to transfer into...
  4. MoonlightSonata

    Does God exist?

    This thread is for discussions about whether God exists. I created a similar thread a long with the same title but I eventually deleted it because it became a monster. I am reluctant to recreate this thread, however such discussions about God are encroaching on a number of different topics...
  5. MoonlightSonata

    The Latham Diaries

    Generator has posted a number of links to news on the soon-to-be released diaries of Mark Latham (available from Australian bookstores on 21 September). I'm sure there will be a lot of interesting comment coming out of those diaries which might be best dealt with separately in this thread.
  6. MoonlightSonata

    Brogden resigns

    It feels like a weird dream
  7. MoonlightSonata

    Politics & Argument Guide

    Politics & Argument Guide Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Fallacies of Argument • Suppressed assumptions • Begging the question • Attacking the straw person • Appeals to ignorance • Shifting the burden of proof • Appeal to authority • Appeal to majority • Appeal to tradition • Ad...
  8. MoonlightSonata

    Forum Rules

    Overview There are six basic rules: (1) Members may not engage in discourse which is highly offensive. (2) Members must reference any articles they post. (3) Members may not post spam. (4) Members may not harass other members. ------ (5) Mods must provide reasons for thread closure. (6)...
  9. MoonlightSonata

    Labor's Future

    Is Labor becoming redundant? With enduring lack of popularity and a reduced target base, now that the Howard battlers have become the ultimate mass-appeal focus, it seems like Labor is in a crisis and not going anywhere fast. They don't have a senate majority. Their leader is currently and...
  10. MoonlightSonata

    Does God Exist?

    The posts in the other thread didn't address this. Does God exist? Why or why not? Please state reasons, not simply "I believe this."