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    Answer of the HSC 2018 paper - question 27a

    This is the screenshots of both the question and sample answer My first thought when seeing the question is that I had no idea what the errors come from (lol) but then I thought I could resort to say that the ruler is not long enough to cover the entire range and this can lead to parallax...
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    Looking for an amazing 4u Maths tutor available in the Cabramatta/Liverpool area

    Hi, the title pretty much speaks for itself. A bit of a sidebar for anyone interested in this post, I'm currently in year 11 and plan to do 4u Maths next year. My budget is around 30-50$/hour and we can negotiate further about the fee if I see my improvement. I request my tutor to travel to a...
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    Find one on one tutors for ESL, Physics and Chemistry!

    Hi, I am currently in year 10. I'm desperate to find an one on one tutor for English (ESL) and another for Physics and Chem as well. It's quite inconvenient that I can only go to a nearby library since my family doesn't allow me to have a private tutor at home. Another thing is that I will not...
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    analogy or metaphor?

    The first sentence of the last paragraph, the teacher in my old school said it was a metaphor whilst my current teacher said it was an analogy. Personally, I think it's an analogy but I'm not too sure. Please give me your opinion! Thank you so much!
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    topic sentence (cont)?

    This is the first body paragraph in my essay with the question "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. Agree or disagree?" In the 21 st century – the age of creation and innovation, while everything seems...
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    topic sentence?

    Thanks for your reply! By the way, does a topic sentence need to be short? I have always written long topic sentences, roughly 2 or 3 lines!
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    topic sentence?

    The teacher gave us a paragraph missing the topic sentence and asked us to make it up. Here is the paragraph: Pack a lunch, drinks, and a blanket. Then find your favorite park or outdoor place. Some people like to picnic on the beach or by a lake. You can even picnic in your own backyard...
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    Proved that, if n and p are positive integers, (np)! is a multiple of (p!)nn! Please help me!. Thanks a lot!
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    Math, possibility!!!

    So can you please show me the right way to do? Thanks a lot!
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    Math, possibility!!!

    sorry but i still don't understand, probably because English is not my first language. Can you please explain to me more detailedly? What do you mean "you have counted the ordering as though the reds must come first, then the yellow, then the blue. You didn't take into account cases where yellow...
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    Math, possibility!!!

    Can you please have a look at my working to see if it's correct or not? Thank you!
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    I'm struggling while trying to figure out the difference amongst antithesis, contrast and juxtaposition. I even found a page which gave the same example for both of antithesis and juxtaposition. Now I'm so confused. Thanks a lot for your help
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    Math, possibility!!!

    A box contains 10 red candies, 8 yellow candies and 6 blue candies. Randomly take out 4 candies from the box. What is the possibility that 4 candies are of all three colours?
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    *question about English techniques!

    I'm an overseas student, therefore, I'm not sure about the way to answer questions asking about techniques. When it comes to effects, what's going to happen if the effects you provides don't match the solutions of your teachers even though they still make sense? Thank you so much!