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    Viva voce

    I wouldn't worry too much! My teacher was very understanding with his marking. I got 17/20 despite this long list of suggestions: - idea was a bit cliche - too many things going on - lack of coherency at times - such complex ideas hard to follow at times - concerned that choice of form is not...
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    Religion is a dynamic living reality. Could someone pls clarify this for me?

    Hi Sanjana, Our teacher actually went through this today if what you are referring to is religion as a living religious tradition. Put simply this means that religions can only survive or 'live' if they make themselves relevant to today's society. This means that they have to adapt in order to...
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    Still don't know what to do with my major B.O.W

    hey dont worry you have heaps of time left! im not entirely sure but ill just give it a go to try help. a concept could be that nowadays we are so obsessed with everything being perfect in our lives when we overlook the simple things in life, perhaps you could make it quite simple and express...
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    URGENT: Analysing art in major work?

    Hi first time posting. im doing ext 2 english and ive had a tough time sticking to a solid idea. we have our viva voce next week originally i was looking at doing a critical response exploring the dichotomies present in the representations of tasmania's islandness but my teacher like the idea...