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    Year 11 Results

    I was looking at early entry admissions and found that some universities were to look at Year 11 results given the whole situation. I kinda messed up the first semester of Year 11, but pulled up in the second half. My results, when put into an ATAR calculator, comes out to 80.55 (kinda ranged...
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    Major Project

    Hey, So I just got my notification for my major project, which I have to make using VB.Net. Would a chess game (human vs. human) be a little too difficult to create in 5 months, considering how I have some knowledge of VB.Net (I made Hangman and a chatbot using VB6, different program, however I...
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    Advice please!

    Hey guys, For a bit of context I currently go to a top 20 selective school and am contemplating on whether to drop either physics or biology (currently on 13 units, my one unit is math ext 1). The problem is that I completely failed both tasks (40% for Physics and 55% for Biology). Both tests...