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    Economics Tutoring $20

    Hi Everyone! I finished my HSC in 2014 and received an ATAR of 96.2 and a mark of 92 in Economics. I am currently studying economics and accounting at The University of Sydney and am in my final year (current WAM of 73). Just last semester I finished off my economics major and thought it...
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    Hsc/prelim textbooks for sale + band 6 economics essay plans [96.2 atar]

    *All the textbooks are in fairly good condition* Preliminary Textbooks Dot Point Preliminary Chemistry $25 Year 11 Cambridge Mathematics 3 Unit Enhanced (Includes access code) $25 HSC Textbooks Mathematics: Excel Fast Track 50 HSC Exam Tips Maths 2U Years 11 & 12 $15 Success one...
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    Need help with multiple choice question (HSC)

    Can someone please help me with the multiple choice question in HSC 2004: Q 14 Thanks
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    Equations in SECTION 4

    When writing half equations do the arrows go in both directions or only in one? My teacher taught us that it goes in both directions and that how some of the textbooks showed it. But when looking at HSC sample answers the arrow only goes in one direction :s SUPER CONFUSED :( How do you...
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    Economics Q- Exchange rates

    In the Dixon workbook the questions said " explain the impact of a depreciation of the $AUD on the BOP" In their response they said this: A depreciation of the Australian dollar has mixed impacts upon the different components of the balance of payments over time. In the short term, a...
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    Whats is the difference between these 2 laws

    • The law of segregation • The law of independent assortment Thanks
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    Can someone please explain this

    Was reading in the Dixon textbook about appreciation and depreciation and was unable to understand the following: -an appreciation decreases the interest servicing cost on foreign debt -an appreciation will reduce the $A value of foreign debt that has been borrowed -a depreciation increases...
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    what does this term mean

    what does the term "foreign liabilities" mean, ive come across is alot of time but dont get what it means. thanks
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    what does this mean?

    what is it meant by when it says "servicing cost on foreign debt" Thanks