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    ATAR 2020

    Interesting subject forum to be posting the question in o-o
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    Any good tutoring centres for Preliminary Chemistry/Physics and Maths?

    I know people who go to Sigma (for Phys), Ace (for sciences) and Intuition (for maths?). Could check em out, I don’t have experience with Ace/Intuition however...
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    2020-HSC chat

    I’m legit in the same boat. Am just memorising quotes/techniques to use for Module B, and did a brief dot point thingo for what to discuss in my paragraphs. Also figure out the various unique techniques from the texts in each module for Module C. Module A can go burn itself, no offence
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    How many past papers is enough to do before trials?

    Imo just do as much as you can- there's no numerical limit
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    Should I do 13 units for my hsc?

    Some people drop after they do their first set of assessments in Year 12- you could do this if you aren't certain after prelims.
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    Most of the subjects I do have been mentioned here, but I do want to add that personally, for Modern History, I always write down notes as I go (since there is definitely no point doing all that before trials). In saying that, and if it works for you, make sure you include a bunch of quotes and...
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    Science Extension survey!!

    I genuinely can't study with music in general since I find myself conducting along to the music or singing along :[ That was a fun quiz though, good luck :]
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    Well, an "easy subject" is subjective, and really depends on your strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, Modern History is a lot of fun, however you need to keep up with the content/notes if you do them constantly, as it is easy to fall behind. SDD is okay, the major project is fun however...
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    Will doing bad on my internals affect my overall HSC

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they meant that they've completed 45% of their internal assessments, and still have 55% (or 1-2 tasks) left to complete.
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    help with detail- history notes

    Keep it brief. Is it really necessary (will you be using this info to answer questions)? You could write about how certain events in his childhood led to him leaning towards a certain ideology he pursued later on in life. When I did Romanovs in Year 11, for early life I just made sure I...
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    Year 11 Results

    Kay thanks!! I kinda just needed a vote of confidence, and I’ll never know until I try out hey. :)
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    Year 11 Results

    I was looking at early entry admissions and found that some universities were to look at Year 11 results given the whole situation. I kinda messed up the first semester of Year 11, but pulled up in the second half. My results, when put into an ATAR calculator, comes out to 80.55 (kinda ranged...
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    HSC 2020 & COVID: Where does this leave us?

    My school is assuming that we'll be online for the next term, and already made adjustments to the weighting of future assessments (our trials for some subjects are now 50%). We are definitely doing better than other countries, and hopefully this downwards trend will continue. However, we still...
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    COVID-19 and school closures

    Yeah our school has transitioned to online learning and told students not to come. Our in-class assessments have been postponed. It's been a weird time but hopefully it ends out well for us.
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    Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    There was an article on SMH where some person from UAC was like Year 11 marks are a good predictor for HSC or something, if worse comes to worse. But they can't do that right? That's quite unfair tbh.
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    Eng advanced creative writing

    I had to do the same assignment last year. It definitely wasn't my best performance in English, even though I spent quite a while on it. My issue was that I was exploring too many concepts within the word limit and that my use of multiple POVs were confusing. You could incorporate multiple...
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    Sigma science education parramatta

    The post is from 2017 :|
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    Major Project

    Hey, So I just got my notification for my major project, which I have to make using VB.Net. Would a chess game (human vs. human) be a little too difficult to create in 5 months, considering how I have some knowledge of VB.Net (I made Hangman and a chatbot using VB6, different program, however I...
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    Advice please!

    Thank you to everyone who commented on this thread. Hopefully I can update everyone with good news later this year