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    Catcher in the Rye - 263 Uses of profanity

    247 goddams 6 - God Damn 8 - Swear to God 2 - I wish to God Ban it from the syllabus.
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    Rates 3 Unit

    Cambridge Math 9E Q13 I have no idea how I am supposed to even attempt b - I tried: db/dt = (dx)/(dt)*(da)/(dx)*(db)/(da) and dx/dt = dx/da*da/db*db/dt But it gets way too ugly,
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    English has been Ridiculed

    Fellow BoS users, The story I am about to tell you will sound unbelievable - many will call me liars, I will be called an idiot, my own brother didn't believe me (But like you know, brothers), but I can confirm it is true. I have omitted names for obvious reasons, but I hope my point comes...
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    Why does sugar dissolve in Cyclohexane

    Hi, I am in year 11, and recently we had to do a practical where we determined the type of bonds 6 UNKNOWN substances made. (Metallic bonds, ionic bonds, covalent molecular, covalent lattice). The tests were: Solubility in cyclohexane Solubility in Water Conductivity as a solid Conductivity...
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    Hi, Does anyone have any notes or good links to places where I can find information on the topic, "Assess the impact of Islamophobia on individual/society?" I need to write 3 paragraphs on it and I don't really know where I should go with it. Thanks!
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    Should we have to do english?

    Hello All, I have one very simple question - why is English the one compulsory subject in the HSC? I have heard many theories over the years, but no-one I know really knows the definitive answer (There probably is one). I always thought that English really was quite stupid - the only thing I...
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    German Practice Responses

    Hi guys, I was just wondering for anyone who did continuers German whether they had some good responses that they used during the speaking assessment. A lot of the people I have talked to didn't necessarily memorize them, but had a word document with them (Just to refer to them in case) Thanks
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    Binomial Theorem Questions

    I have my next E1 (Yr 12) exam on binomial theorem (It really is just a ton of 2u topics and also binomial theorem, real weird) Would anyone be able to give me some good questions? Just to give an example of the type of questions I am looking for, the following was a sample question on the...
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    Hi, Can anyone tell if they have received invitations for the olympiads yet? I know EES and Chemistry has already been released, but I am mainly looking for physics. Thanks!
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    Year 9 English Analysis

    Hello, Would anyone be able to help by find some english techniques within the following piece (Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand)? I am trying describe how the beam is shown to be very heavy in it, but other than just saying it, I don't seem to be able to find anything. Thanks! The Bird marched...
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    Prove Inverse Function Derivative theorem

    Hey Guys, This is 1A Question 24 c) of the Cambridge Math 2012 3 unit textbook: If f is a differentiable function for all real x and has an inverse function g, prove that: g'(x) = 1/f'(g(x)) Where f'(g(x)) is not 0
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    Physics Olympiad

    Hello All, Just going into the physics olympiad in a couple of hours - and last-minute tips? Thanks!
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    Physics Olympiad

    Hello, Right now, I am in preparation for the ASOE physics olympiad, and I am in year 10. What would be an estimated score required to get into the camp stage? Obviously it varies from year to year, but if someone got in for a year, could you please post your mark? Also, how much would a year...
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    English Extension or Advanced?

    I'm picking my year 11 subjects now, and I am unsure what exactly I should do. In year 12, I know my subjects will be: 4u Math, 2u English, Phys, Chem and maybe an extra 2 in German. For year 11, it will be the same except 3u math and some other stuff. So, my question is does taking 3 unit...