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    BEST study TEXTBOOKS for PHYSiCS/CHEM- HSC?????????????

    mate I'm desperate to find this textbook haha Sorry
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    BEST study TEXTBOOKS for PHYSiCS/CHEM- HSC?????????????

    Does any one have the dotpoint textbook for year 11 chemistry new syllabus and wouldn't mind sharing it with me please?
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    Hey do you happen to have any learning resources that I can use (past papers) for the new syllabus to help me in my preliminary year 11 studies for 3u/2u math, physics and chemistry? Thank you and all the best.
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    Past Paper

    Hey I was just wondering where I could find some past papers for the new syllabus for chemistry, physics and math(3u/2u), other than thsconline of course! Thank you
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    Hey does anyone have the chemistry preliminary dotpoint textbook and is willing to share it please? Thank you. (Please DM me and we can talk)

    Please help me out I've been looking everywhere for this book. Thank you and have a great day.
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    Does any 1 have practise papers on Ext 1 math (Algebraic methods, inequalities and functions) also 2u math and physics/chem for modules 1 please!!

    Module 1 for physics = kinematic and dynamic module 1 for chem = properties and structure of matter
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    Could someone help me with this response please!

    Yes I've finished it but looking for some feedback, could you pls give me some over dms?