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    Depth study! Please help!

    You could look into the reproductive cycles or fertilisation of cane toads and ways to make them sterile? Or look into a virus that can kill cane toads w/o harming humans (like they did with rabbits and used mosquitos)?
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    Textbook for new syllabus in Phys, Chem, Bio

    All the In Focus (bio in focus, chem in focus and physics in focus)
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    Work Experience ideas for IT or Optometry?

    For IT you could go to Animal Logic (idk where it is and the rest of the specifics...). But here is the link to their website:
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    I'm pretty sure it is
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    Maths Question!

    Thanks! I did try to do that method, however the solution I got showed that the perpendicular bisectors were not concurrent.
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    Syllabus changes 2019 - question

    Standard mathematics is the only maths course that will have changes in their syllabus for 2019.
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    Maths Question!

    Hi, I've tried solving this question a few times, however I can't seem to do and I think the points that have been provided are incorrect. Here is the question: The points A(-3,4) B(-5,-2) and C(2,6) form the vertices of a triangle. Prove that the perpendicular bisectors of the...
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    Need some urgent help for yr 10 Student Research Project

    Time it takes for panadol to dissolve in different concentrations of HCl or H2SO4
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    Sample/Reference questions for selective exam to take an admission in Year 8?

    Depends upon what exam you're taking. If its ACER, then you can buy it off of their website and if its like the Normo or Ruse test, then you really can't do anything except for studying what you've learnt...
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    Syllabus/Text/Reference for year 7

    Ask your teachers and usually you are handed out a book list
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    atar questions

    The average atar (I read this somewhere, don't exactly remember whether it was a good source or not...) is 75, so I'm guessing an average student (Around the low B grade) can easily achieve 70-75 atar...
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    IPT vs ITM vs SDD

    Thank you!
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    IPT vs ITM vs SDD

    Thanks! My IST teacher had confused me by telling us that IPT was all coding and ITM was a mix of everything (I don't think she even knew that SDD existed coz she never said anything about it). Anyways, thanks for the link!
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    IPT vs ITM vs SDD

    Hey! I'm a yr 10 student and I was wondering if anybody could explain the differences between ipt, sdd and itm? (Side note: I want to do a subject which deals with coding and not editing images or videos, so could you recommend the best subject out of them all?) Thank you!
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    Yr 9 science help!!!!

    I know someone that goes to pre-uni and I checked up on their work and what content they although it might not seem like its helping you, in the long run (for yr 10,11,12) it will provide with a head-start than other students, if you want to do science in those years. Anyways, if...
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    Can a non-high ranked high school student get a high ATAR?

    It's IMPOSSIBLE to get into med usyd unless you get an ATAR of 99.95, do amazing in the UMAT and ace the interview- they won't consider you if you have a lower ATAR I know someone who works at usyd and told me abt this. In regards to getting a high ATAR, in a school that isn't ranked that...
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    HAST Test

    You can buy some of the books from the ACER HAST website, but the test is basically tests on the knowledge you have accumulated over the past few years. It also heavily focuses on problem-solving, so you can always just search up for problem solving questions if you don't want to buy the books...
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    Maths Accelerated for grad 2019? Anyone?

    Ohhh...I didn't know about the changes and my teacher didn't provide with a valid reason to why I couldn't do Maths acc. so thanks a ton!
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    Brain Bee 2017?

    Thanks so much!
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    Brain Bee 2017?

    Also, has anyone done the brain bee challenge? If so, how difficult is the first round? Are there any sample questions I can get? Thnks