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    Drop chemistry or Advanced math

    bro youre in year 11 it literally does not matter how u do i think adv math has a higher chance for ur marks and atar to get scaled up tho but if ur adamant on dropping it then lmao
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    Atar estimate

    considering your own very high internal ranks, you should be absolutely fine with getting your 90 atar if you do well in hsc! also remember to submit ur EAS form for your educational disadvantages :)
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    one month until prelims!

    don't stress about prelims x its nothing
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    Atar estimate

    What rank is your school? If it is ranked averagely I think you will definitely have a chance at getting your desired ATAR if you do really well in HSC dont worry :)
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    English trial plan

    i didnt use them all for 1 essay the hell i memorise 10 for each THEME and then draw upon like 2-4 for my paragraphs and expand on them to suit the question
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    English trial plan

    My paper 1 trial was last friday and I had memorised 10 quotes per theme, its not that hard if you started early - i began memorising during holidays tho
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    Y11 subject selection

    A lot of my friends are doing 3 english 3 maths and i think they're doing well - there is a good balance between math and english work
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    how hard is legal studies for the hsc

    yepp good luck for legal if you do it, ill be happy to help you when my hsc is over!
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    should I do extension 2?

    i strongly recommend ext 2 maths for everyone. it is my most chill subject
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    how hard is legal studies for the hsc

    in terms of content, it is only bad when you need to study for trials as you are limited on time. generally, the information is quite easy to understand as pretty much everything overlaps. it isn't too hard, just need to understand how to evaluate and answer questions which you can do quite...
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    Required ranking

    agreed with everyone above ^ aim to be top (bc ur school won't carry you) but dont beat yourself up if you dont. your school rank doesnt define your capabilities and if you believe you can you can :)
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    uts law

    low 90s.. thats a first wow interesting ...... thanks!!!!!!
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    ANU law to UNSW Law transfer difficulty?

    unsw usually has a guide of around 75 LAT and 97 ATAR so
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    Differentiation of exponentials help plz:)

    this might just be me but is there a typo in q1 because i dont think y=x^2-4x+2 even has a point (0,2)?
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    ANU law to UNSW Law transfer difficulty?

    if u can get into anu u can probably get into unsw so no need to think about transferring?
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    ATAR Estimate

    If you cant get into mcq, try wsu! They will give u random adj factors for getting band 5s and 6s.
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    yeh i know but new math syllabus tho
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    north syd boys share your trial papers 🥺🥺🥺