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    Smart Tattoos

    that's what kim k said... apparently nobody puts bumper stickers on a Bentley lmao
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    Weird food confessions

    its not just a "food confession" but nearly all kinds of things lol (might sound weird) before I eat something or drink, I have to smell it first. ikr how dumb but smell has always been a problem with me for some reason. my mum says I might be autistic but believe me its not that. smell matters...
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    partially faked log book got busted

    hey im new on here lol how do I post a question?? btw speaking of log book hours, I've had my L's for nearly 3 years (got it when I turned 18, im 21 soon) now and I ended up losing my log book so I didn't write my hours up anywhere haha so when I moved houses I found it but I have already...