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    Perms & Coms

    Unable to do the following question. Could someone please provide an explanation: Eight people are to form two queues of four. In how many ways can this be done if Sean and Liam must stand in the same queue? ANSWER: 17,280
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    Conflicting Probability Question

    This was a question in a biology exam at our school, where the teacher argues that the answer is 50%, whilst the students suggest it is 25%. I thought there was no better place to put the question here, and see what you all think the answer is. The question follows: "A mum has a 50% chance of...
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    CSSA 2019 Maths Ext.1 Question 11e

    Hey guys, I know that there was a big fuss about question 11e of the CSSA 2019 trial paper, and that some schools only allowed an answer of two solutions, while others accepted both two solutions or four solutions for the second part. I was curious as to whether if we were given something like...
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    Struggling With Conics Question

    Consider the general equation for an ellipse. Point P(acostheta, bsintheta) is a point on the ellipse, where costheta and sintheta do not equal to 0. The normal at P meets the major axis at G and the minor axis at H. R is the point (0, bsintheta) on the minor axis, and O is the centre of the...
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    Struggling With Inequality Question

    Prove that a+sqrt(a) is greater than or equal to sqrt[a(a+1)]