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    Blakehurst 2005 graduadates

    What University or paths are u taking
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    B Education (Secondary: Mathematics)/B Science

    Is anyone doing this course this year. Interested to know what subjects you've chosen for this
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    Bachelor of Mathematics Teaching

    Is anyone doing this course and if you are doing this course in your 2nd year, 3rd year etc, what should we expect if we are passionate about teaching.
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    Hi, Have u finished your HSC and got >90 in UAI. If so what is your advice to a person who wants to achieve the mark of >90 but is getting fair marks in his assessments so far.
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    Opinion on uni

    What is your opinion The quote "The rich are getting richer and the poor get poorer" sums up the university. People are getting to courses that will make them successfu in life through "MONEY" . With the fees up, uai marks higher for the cut off a subject, less and less academic people are...
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    Hi, whoever is reading this Have u read Away by Michael Gow, If so any good essay response on the website that u like to share