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  1. bineal

    earnest q for math dorks

    do u think spending half ur time studying just 1/2 units of math and competing against superstudy azns is a good investment of your time?
  2. bineal

    advice for people in school

    1. Read the student made notes in the BOS resources. 2. The EXCEL past exam question and solution book for some subjects is a very good read. Read the book properly and you will be fine. 3. It is deceptively easy to get a high ATAR. I knew people who literally did NOTHING the whole year and...
  3. bineal

    Need advice on calculators that don't have slow input when entering long formula.

    My Casio fx-82AU is simply too slow when dealing with integrals and 2nd moment of area calculation inputs. Does anyone know what calculator brand (preferably scientific) and model are able to handle long formula as such without the calculator acting slow?
  4. bineal

    sup nerds

    you better find something to do in these 4 months dont waste them i'd know :awesome:
  5. bineal

    Ahh what an easy test

    Post here if you aced that test. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  6. bineal

    Finding Tutor Details

    I am currently enrolled in ENGG1800 and I attend a tutorial on Wednesday from 2-5pm in the PNR Eng Drawing Office 1. I need assistance with assignment details yet I have no contact details or names of these tutors. Is there any possible way to search for tutor details such as emails and...
  7. bineal

    best things to write on during lectures

    what should i get? 128 page A4 notebook, 250 page 5 subject notebook, or 128 page binder books? Tell me if you guys have other alternatives which are better than the ones I listed
  8. bineal

    usyd- printing notes

    wheres a good place to print lecture notes cheaply near usyd? when are the lecture notes uploaded? after or before the lectures?
  9. bineal

    What to bring to lectures

    I have 5 subjects that have lectures (PHYS1001, MATH1001, MATH1002, ENGG1800, ENG1801). What do I bring to these lectures?
  10. bineal

    Timetable consulting

    I went to usyd today to fix my timetable up, and i noticed that both my old and new timetables have a comment on PHYS1001 saying that i should consult the department for a full timetable what the hell is this?
  11. bineal

    Timetable Assistance Please

    My timetable :/ I don't really know the workarounds of what makes a good timetable. Can someone here please inform me about what to change (if possible)? I'm really sick of this 4 hour break on tuesday, and the cramming on monday is horrid. Also, how does the USYD timetable customization...
  12. bineal

    You have to pay for internet

    Yes, if you want to study and research at uni, guess the fucking what... you have to pay $20 per GB when you use the internet. You have to fucking pay to do your research...who the fuck is behind all this? Fuck usyd, im transferring to uts.
  13. bineal

    weighing up engo at usyd and unsw

    Can an insider please give me the pros and cons that each uni offers in general as well as those in retrospect to B Engineering?
  14. bineal

    2009: The major works are in.

    So how's everyone feeling?
  15. bineal

    biology help

    does anyone have information on the water-saving adaptations on the grevillia?