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  1. Hello2U2

    B Ed (Sec)/B A III Undergrad Seeks Tutees for 2012

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for people who are interested in/require the services of a tutor for 2012 in the areas of English/History/Social Sciences. I am a third year (going into fourth year) undergrad studying a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney. I have...
  2. Hello2U2

    Summer school in Greece?

    I want to take ARCA2613 Athenian Art, Architecture and Society sometime. Does anyone know how often they run this? Has anyone been on this study tour? Would you recommend going? Thanks.
  3. Hello2U2

    Gossip Girl Fashion Devotees?

    I am the only one out of my friends at school that follow Gossip Girl like a cult, and not because of its outrageous storyline, but for the clothes. Is there anyone else out who watched GG to gush over the pretty clothes or is it just me? What particular outfits caught your attention...
  4. Hello2U2

    B Education/ B Arts (Psychology)

    I saw the course on the website but it didn't tell me its UAI cut-off Is this combined course just an option of B Education (Sec: Humanities & Social Science)/ B Arts or is it a separate thing? And how do you apply for it? Thanks.
  5. Hello2U2

    How Important is the IRP?

    Hi, i'm starting yr 12 tomorrow and I was wondering, exactly how important is the IRP? In terms of weighting for the HSC of course. The PIP is 30%, ext eng is 100%, so how much is the IRP worth?