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    Going for P's - Blacktown

    When parking u sure we have to fully shut off the car?
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    WSU Chatter Thread

    oh fuck bro im already going there now, fuck, why is it so bad
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    WSU Chatter Thread

    hows it trash btw
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    Cadetship 2020 thread

    is cadetships popular for civil engineering students?
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    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    im screwed man and im brown
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    Cadetship 2020 thread

    what is a cadetship?
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    you're a very nice teacher, i see you here all the time
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    HSC Chemistry Exam Solutions / Thoughts

    uh hey do can u send the link where nesa says they will include 2 7-9 marker questions? thanks
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    Breaking up during HSC exams

    how did it go brah
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    Post-HSC goals?

    I'm just gonna be sitting in front of the xbox all day doing absolutely f all.
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    Engineering Studies HSC- Post-Thoughts after Exam

    im so scared, only started studying today
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    i think before there is arising levels of depression too lol
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    just curious but, how did u cheat
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    so true so true
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    i hope it's true, they need all the boomerangs they can get for making 70000 teenagers depressed for 2 whole years
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    all the booklets and things were a mess and added to the stress
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    Sooo what do we think about tomorrows paper??

    worse than the first one, that's for sure
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    16 hours 52 mins and 40 secs till paper 1 as of now, fml