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    2020-HSC chat

    If anything English has allowed me to develop the human experience of stress 😂
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    2020-HSC chat

    I am doing "Go Back to Where You Came From'' kind of sucks but it is what it is. :(
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    2020-HSC chat

    What are you doing for common module? :)
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    2020-HSC chat

    Mod C is worrying me tbh🥺
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    Physics year 12

    Make notes for each dot point. Once you mastered each dot point tick it off :)
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    2020-HSC chat

    Shit :) + don't study now study during the holidays and celebrate grad.
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    What other subjects did you choose?
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    Legal Studies MEDIA LIBRARY!

    I am also doing world order and family law. For all essays (including crime) the best method is making a tee table (as shown below). Also, to make an essay generic you do both legal and non-legal methods. :) Example Explain Link to effectiveness
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    would they know if someone plagiarised in the actual hsc

    If the essays are slightly similar they would not worry because they would expect students to have the same info if they are learning the same course. :)
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    Estimate atar to final atar jumps

    You can always improve regardless of internal marks. (especially since the school is ranked top 30) :)
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    whats the go

    Moooodddd 😂
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    Atar help 2020

    Okkkk we get itttt. You're smart.😂 (you're getting that 99.9 atar) just focus on doing practice HSC exams.
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    What Should I Drop? (Chemistry or Modern)

    I do Modern and it sucks. You have to remember heaps of essays. I regret choosing the course. However, I don't really study that well for that subject so yeah. It is what it is :)
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    whats the go

    I think it's cancelled.
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    the effects of procrastinating prelims

    Do your best and attempt every question :)
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    How should I study in year 12?

    Yeah I agree. It depends on the subject and whether you're actually going to read the notes that you made. :)
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    How should I study in year 12?

    Notes are useless. Do past paper exams. By doing past paper questions you're making notes by answering questions. :)
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    What after trials?

    To be honest the HSC should not start so early like we just completed our trials. I think that is enough stress for now. It is what it is I guess :(
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    Need Help On Memorising !

    Omgggg congrats. :) 🎉
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    What after trials?

    I was chilling but I feel guilty now. I am also terrified af like I forgot that our HSC is like in 6 weeks. Btw are you guys going back to school first week of term 4 because I heard it is compulsory for all year 12 :)