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  1. meDAawesome

    ATAR Estimate

    Hi guys just want some honest ATAR estimates School rank: 50s English advanced 60/161 77/105 (about 30 band 6s every year) Mathematics 11/154 91/100 (about 30 band 6s every year) Maths Ext 1 21/69...
  2. meDAawesome

    Assess the impacts of WW2 on British civilians

    What structure would you guys use when answering this question: Assess the impacts of WW2 on British civilians Would you do it by chronological order of events: ie. one for the Blitz, one for changing role of women etc. Or would you structure it differently like one paragraph on social...
  3. meDAawesome

    Opinions on your character of study

    I was just wondering what everyone thought of the character they're studying. I'm studying Leni Riefenstahl for my character and so far my impression of her is that she is a gigantic stuck up bitch who is a compulsive liar. So what are your opinions on your character?
  4. meDAawesome

    ATAR Estimate

    School Rank:60 Subject ranks; number of assessments completed so far English Advanced: 39/161; 3 assessments done Mathematics: 8/157; 2 assessments done Mathematics Extension: 20/70; 2 assessments done Physics: 18/81; 2 assessments done Modern History: 5/85; 2 assessments done...
  5. meDAawesome

    ATAR Estimate

    school rank: 60 ranks: English Advanced: 33/120 Mathematics: 19/120 Maths Extension 3U: 33/80 Physics: 30/80 Modern History: 7/60 Economics: 4/60