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    Syllabus change :)

    Hey peeps does anyone know when the HSC syllabus changed. In particular for Legal Studies. Thank you :)
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    Geneva conventions

    Hello :) I was just wondering whether the Geneva conventions is a legal or non-legal method. Any help will be appreciated<3
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    Trials :)

    links that may be useful for trials. These links are both for year 11 and year 12. If you guys have any other useful link just add them in we can all help each other out. :)
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    Don't open the thread :)

    Why did you open it? :) Hi, am I expected to know about all poems in the HSC. Am I expected to have a paragraph for each poem :) confused am I :spzz:
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    Human Rights

    Hiii um for the part circled in blue do I just simply write the role of each or the role of each in promoting and enforcing human rights. These are for notes btw. Thanks :)
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    Help :( :)

    Can someone explain to me what legal and non-legal responses are in regards to legal studies
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    English HSC

    In the 2019 paper for English standard one of the prescribed texts are Go Back to Where You Came From. This is what is said in the exam paper 1 for English standard. The prescribed episodes are: *Series 1: episode 1, 2 and 3 And * The response Does this mean I have to write about all of...
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    IPT question help

    A 16-bit checksum is being used. For an error to NOT be detected what must occur? (A) The corruption must be the result of a data collision. (B) The sender or receiver has incorrectly calculated the checksum. (C) The message is corrupted such that the checksum is still correct. (D) The...
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    What technique would a shattered necklace be.
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    past papers

    hey does anyone have answers to question 21 ad 22 from the ipt 2003 paper
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    IPT exam

    Where can I access HSC Samuel Davis textbook answers? I have practised chapter reviews and I'm not able to see what I have done correctly and incorrect.
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    COVID-19 and school closures
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    left assignment to last moment

    I have left my modern assignment to last moment it is due today and have made no progress and it is worth 30%. What should I do? My school does n awards if you do not hand in an assignment.
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    I am struggling to find a secondary source on urbanisation - growing cities during the period 1919-1941 - America.
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    English help

    How can I finish this thesis The rediscovery of gifts can enable one to strengthen and enrich their understanding of their culture allowing them to ...
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    English collage helppp

    Any good websites where I can create a collage.
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    English help

    I need an example of a thesis for storytelling. Thankyou
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    Finance case studies

    Does anyone have any finance case studies for the finance strategies :)