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    Polynomials Question

    P(x) is a polynomial of degree 3. Find P(x), given that : - y = P(x) is an odd function. - (x - 2) is a factor of P(x). - when P(x) is divided by (x + 4), the remainder is 96. I don't get how to do it, and the given solution doesn't make sense to me because the first line says to let P(x)...
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    Space Practical Tasks??

    Does anyone know of any websites where there are schools' past practical tasks on Space or have any practical tasks they could offer? I could only find one paper online, plus our school doesn't have any available. I'd like some more to practise with. Any help would be appreciated! :)
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    Bio Olympiads Tips

    Hi guys, Read the title. :) What can I do to at least get Distinction? :D Also, how much should I study for it on top of schoolwork? Furthermore, how much does the prelim syllabus help with it?
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    How to Study Consistently??!!

    Hi guys, So. Year 12 is fast approaching for us, and the marathon that is known as the HSC commences in something like ten weeks. But. I have a problem. I am a student that easily loses motivation. In fact, there have been entire months when I haven't studied to an acceptable level. And...
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    Any Public Speaking Advice/Tips?

    Hi guys, I'm interested in trying out for a few public speaking competitions, but since I've never really gotten far in them before (in fact, I've never placed in any), I'd like some advice, preferably from past winners/people who have gotten far. I'm assuming a lot of my competitors are going...
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    Essay Writing Help

    Hi guys, I have two questions: With our current module, our teacher says our essay question (unknown until the day of the exam) is going to have an unknown extract from our text in it, because that's what the HSC exam will be like. How do we prepare for a question like this, since it's...
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    Further Trig Question

    Hi guys, I have a strong feeling that the given solution to the following question incorrectly missed out on α = 360°. Please confirm this for me. Solve 12sin3α + 2cos3α - 9sinα + sin3α = 2 (0°≤α≤360°), using the fact that 12sin3α + 2cos3α - 9sinα + sin3α = 2√2[cos(3α + 45°)]. I got α =...
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    Further Trig Questions

    Hi guys, 1) Prove that ===> I tried doing the technique where you solve the LHS and RHS separately and try and get them to one common value, but I got two very different values when doing this. 2) Solve the following equation for 0≤θ≤2π: 2cos2θ = tan(5π/4) I got π/6, 5π/6, 7π/6 or...
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    How to Choose Readings???

    Hi guys, So...our Extension English teacher has given us a whole bunch of readings (easily 15) for the unit we're currently doing. Most of them are more than 20 pages long. Obviously, I have better things to do than read every single word of every reading. In fact, we're not compelled to read...
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    Story Idea Supply Low!!

    Hi guys, I have a 1000 word creative (+ 300 word reflection - aah!!) due in 2 days. I think there is no specific unit relating to it. I literally have no established story idea (unless I plagiarise a plotline :/ ), which means I haven't started, so I'm screwed unless anyone has any ideas at all...
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    Further Trig Questions

    Hi guys, 1. (a) ***I do not need help with this part*** Consider the statement cos[(π/2) + A] = +/- sinA. For which sign is this statement true for all A? For which A is the statement true for both signs? Answer: Negative, A = 0, nπ (n is an integer) (b) Taking A = 5θ in (a), write down the...
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    Work Experience

    Hi guys, I'm interested in doing work experience at a medical institution (I don't actually know exactly what career I want to pursue, but I'm pretty sure I would be most comfortable doing something to do with science), but the thing is, I don't know if I can get a place anywhere. I feel like it...
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    Division of an Interval Question

    Hi guys, The interval AB has end-points A(-2,3) and B(10,11). Find the coordinates of the point P which divides the interval AB in the ratio 3:1. I got (16,15) externally, but the answer given says P(11,9.5). I think I'm correct since some people in my class were talking about this question...
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    I Have an Issue With Physics...

    Hi guys, So...I hate physics. Not only do I fail to understand it, but the teacher doesn't even teach us properly (he just talks and gives us a bunch of worksheets to do without giving us any notes) and I honestly just hate everything about it because of that. I don't even like the...
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    Patterns in Nature ~ Radioisotopes Secondary Investigation

    Hi guys, With the dot point "use available evidence to discuss, using examples, the role of technologies, such as the use of radioisotopes in tracing the path of elements through living plants and animals", there's a very trivial bit that confuses me. It may not even be important, but the info...
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    How Can I Force Myself to Write Every Day?

    Hi guys, I am struggling a lot in English (not as much as I did last year, but I'm still not doing well enough to get 90+), and as part of my action plan to fix this problem, I am trying to write essays and creatives, and even do reading tasks (I plan to alternate the type of writing every day)...
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    Dividing an Interval in a Ratio

    The point P(-3,8) divides the interval AB externally in the ratio k:1. If A is the point (6,-4) and B is the point (0,4), find the value of k. In this question, I got 3, but the answer says -3. Wouldn't that be incorrect, as our teacher told us that if the question says a point externally...
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    Coordinate Geometry Help

    Hi guys, Could you please tell me if I got the answer to this question right? The lines 8x + qy + 6 = 0 and 3x − 4y + 4 = 0 are perpendicular. Find the value of q. I got q = -6, but the answer says 6. I'm guessing a typo?
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    Harder Surds Questions

    Hi guys, Yet more questions... :/ Q1. I feel like the given answer is wrong...I keep getting a = n + 1, but the answer says a = n - 1. Q2. I'm actually not sure how to do this question; I don't feel like the given answer is wrong, so please provide working out for this question if...
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    Trig Questions

    Hi guys, Could you please confirm for me that the given answers to the following questions are incorrect, based on their given working? I strongly believe that they're wrong, but I want to be certain. c: Q1. - Is the correct answer cotx? Q2. If sinx = 2/√7 and cosx<0, find the exact...