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    2016 HSC First in Course
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    Internal Marks that past State Ranker's have gotten.

    Hi all, I am aware of the external exam requirements (e.g. usually HSC Mark of 97/98 +) however was wondering what individuals that state ranked got in their internal assessments i.e. how competitive their schools were, as those who did so were usually rank 1. If you State Ranked or knew of...
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    Where to for economics statistics

    Hi all, Sure I can use the textbooks however I was wondering how you source economic statistics, and not just the basic ones. For example the charts in the textbooks are good at showing trends, however I'm more looking for specific statistics from particular periods e.g. GFC, 201--15...
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    Best Bored of Studies Threads

    Hi all, I was wondering about the best threads/guides on Bored of Studies. I would appreciate direction to anything that has assisted you, even if it is from 10 years ago!! This site to me is a goldmine, and I believe this thread could potentially turn into a directory for first time BOS...