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    Ecmt1020 vs claw1001 vs work1003

    Anyone got any views on which of these subjects is a solid WAM booster? Any thoughts on ECMT1020 particularly (is the final like 1020, all multiple choice?)
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    Comm (liberal studies) vs Comm

    Hey i was just wondering whether i should do comm (liberal studies) or a straight comm degree from usyd. I want to major in either econometrics, finance and commercial law OR economics, finance and international business (I can't decide). Also, does anyone know the difference between...
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    Hey can someone please explain what traineeship are and whether you think they are worth it while doing a UNI degree
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    Does anyone know when worked solutions will be up?
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    2014 Modern History HSC exam predictions thread

    Anyone got any guesses for USA 1919-1941?
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    Bond Vice-Chancellor Scholarship

    Has anyone been contacted in NSW as a shortlisted candidate for the vice-chancellor's scholarship at Bond or are they yet to do it?
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    HSC 2014 MX2 Marathon ADVANCED (archive)

    Re: HSC 2014 4U Marathon - Advanced Level Hey guys! Guess what, i forgot how to solve 4e^(-x)-6e^(-2x)=0. Can someone how to remind me how to find x when its in such form? (came up in some graph question - you need to find point of intersection with the axis blah blah)
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    Cadetships 2014

    Anyone got any idea what the group exercise is like for PwC or what the tests are you have to do at the assessment centre?
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    Cadetships 2014

    haha unlucky.
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    Cadetships 2014

    Has anyone gotten a reply from Grant Thornton after the video interview?
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    USA essay question

    Hey guys, me and my friend are having differing thoughts on how to structure a response to this question (i'll write it in a second) for USA. To what extent were growing urbanization and industrialization the dominant influences on US society in the period of 1919 to 1941. I was thinking...
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    Atar estimate based on prelim results + first round of assessments

    So first round of assessments are done (yay). Could someone please estimate my atar (my school is ranked in the 90's) based on these results and my prelim: Modern History - 30/30 in first assessment - Rank 1. Rank in yr 11 was 4 at the end of the year with a mark of 89 Economics - 46/50 in...
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    Please help - form!

    Hey so just started ex2 and i decided i might do a Socratic dialogue. Could someone give me information related to this form, i have a number of questions. 1. How many words can a socratic dialogue be? (is it a critical, a creative or what? - What textual form does it come under?) 2. How do...
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    Poetry help asap

    Can someone please help me and tell me when 'the sharpness of death' by gwen harwood was written? I can't find it anywhere?
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    Study time per subject/mark guidance

    Hey, so i just have a few more questions before i enter yr 12 in 2 days (Woooo), with my subjects: Extension 2 English Extension 1 English English Advanced Mathematics Extension 2 Mathematics Extension 1 Economics Modern History Could someone please breakdown how much i should study...
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    Atar Estimate

    I stuffed up the exam for modern :( i got 43/50
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    Atar Estimate

    Hey, could i get an atar estimate (i just finished prelim. but i'm taking extension 2 english and maths and dropping ancient history) my school is ranked around 90: Extension Mathematics - Mark 93 - Rank - 4/90 Mathematics Advanced - Mark 94 - Rank - 8/120 English Advanced - Mark 96 - Rank 4/109...
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    Doing Maths Extension 2 And English Extension 2

    Because i want to do it!
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    Doing Maths Extension 2 And English Extension 2

    Hey guys, I was just wondering how much work their really is in doing Maths extension 2 and English extension 2. Is it manageable? If math's takes up most of your time, where will the time be for English Extension 2? When would be the best time to finish the Ext 2 work?