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  1. swordfish

    Rank in a subject

    How do i find out where i came in a subject? like.....10th in the state in PE or whateva
  2. swordfish

    Devastated with marks? Post here !

    Well if the 19th comes and you get ur results and just want to cry, post it here.
  3. swordfish

    Happy with ur marks? post it here!

    I know results aren't out til 18th and 19th, but i'll be away so i'll take the opportunity to start a thread now, hehehe. :D If you go better than you thought, post it here! I'm not going to check until the 19th. I don't think that it helps to look at the HSC marks on the 18th. Its the uai...
  4. swordfish

    How do i submit my notes?

    How do i make a word document into a PDF file? I want to submit my PE summary but i cant work out how to send the tables that i made, as well as the written stuff.
  5. swordfish

    Priority areas

    can anyone tell me the trends for the five priority areas? (plus asthma, which was added in 1999 but isn't in the syllabus). Everywhere i look i get different answers. Is this right: CVD=decreasing since 1960s Cancer= increasing as a whole for both sexes, male lung cancer down, female lung...
  6. swordfish

    A Tip for the Exam....

    Remember the most important part of PE is knowing your syllabus. If you know that then ur halfway there. It can help to draw a mindmap for each topic, or write the main headings from the syllabus (e.g. physiological adaptations in response to aerobic training) and try to write out the dot points...
  7. swordfish

    Transgenic species

    How much detail do you think we need to go into when describing the processes by which a transgenic species is produced? (I think its one of the last dt.pts in Blueprint). My teacher thought it would be good enough to just say that a gene from one species was inserted into another species, but...
  8. swordfish

    Transgenic species

    What sort of detail do we need to go into when describing how a transgenic species is produced? my teacher thought that just saying a gene from one species is inserted into another was good enough...but even the Excel book, which is usually sketchy at best, goes into some stuff about sticky...
  9. swordfish


    the list of equipment in the hsc timetable booklet says we can take a protractor, compass etc. Does that mean that there's construction in it? I hope not...i dont remember it from year 11
  10. swordfish

    the motivation's at an all time low

    u would think that motivation would be supa high atm, (mainly cause i need to make up for english, lol) but its not....i dont want to do any more study!! My parents need to drag me off this site kicking and screaming! what's evryone else feeling?
  11. swordfish

    Speeches Module

    Anyone doing the speeches module? what are the chances of getting a non-specific that doesn't specify a speech to refer to? If they do tell us to refer to a certain speech, do you think it will be an easy one? last year they specified Lincoln's speech- the shortest. So do you...
  12. swordfish

    What will u do on the last weekend?

    As the countdown timer says, 1 day and a few hours to go. So what is everybody doing this weekend? I have done nothing yet. I don't know what is a good 'last minute' thing to do!:rolleyes:
  13. swordfish

    last question...i swear

    sorry evryone but this is my last question....really!!!!! its about the bionics topic....there's a prac where you have to compare the shock absorbing abilities of different parts of bone. Did anyone do this prac? What were the results? Sorry! umm.....u can ask me questions too if you...
  14. swordfish

    Another question!

    ok, well now i have another question! One of the dot points in the information systems section says that you need to detail some properties of visible light, microwaves and radio (TV, FM, AM) waves and relate these to their use in communication systems. So what are some properties? i would...
  15. swordfish

    All the practical components

    Can any one help me? im really stuck on heaps of the practical parts of the senior science course. My teacher was pathetic, we didn't even attempt half the pracs in the course and the rest didn't work anyhow. So can any one help out with.... *Modulation, i.e. using CROs to see how a wave can be...
  16. swordfish

    Good ranks, crap subjects

    Im confused! I ranked 1st in all my subjects at my school, but i go to a crap (Catholic) skool in North west NSW, where no one does that well ne way. I do senior science, advanced English, general maths, biology, studies of religion and PDHPE. Is there any hope for me? Anyone? :-(